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#TransformationTuesday: With This Body

I’m over it. After another frustrating day of thinking about what I could and could not eat, what might make me gain five pounds overnight, what may make me swell, what exercises might keep me from sleeping, what supplement I … Continue reading

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The Facts

I think it started the day I went to the doctor’s office and their scale basically told me I had gained fourteen pounds….in four days. You know how THAT goes….you KNOW it’s a lie but you’re STILL in your feelings … Continue reading

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Why My Body Is None of Your Business

Sigh. I’ve been sitting on this for well over a week now.  I guess I needed to let it soak in before I went on an unnecessary rant.  But it was an unnecessary conversation.  It’s BEEN an unnecessary conversation for … Continue reading

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A New Day: Introducing The #SixWeeksScaleFree Challenge

  It’s so much bigger than what you hear on this video. Please join us. You can find us on Instagram: @hiphealthychick and @lashay_b On Twitter: @hiphealthychick and @lashayb1031 If you are local, please join our Facebook Group group! Or … Continue reading

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Fit, Maybe? Frustrated, YES!!!! The Truth

Can I just go there this evening? My head is pounding.  I am on the tightrope between what to share and what to conceal.  I am trying to balance taking the criticism and dealing with this in private and screaming … Continue reading

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