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So, What Are You Really Saying?

Rarely am I speechless. Even if I’m quiet, I’ve always got a good word (argument, dissertation, endless amounts of Michael Jackson, Prince or 90’s R & B lyrics, Bible verse or free style haiku) ready to go.  Yet because of … Continue reading

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The Problem, The Solution: Essence ph10 Water and Giveaway!

We’ve had this conversation before. I’m Tasha and I have fall short when it comes to drinking enough water. UGH. For as long as I can remember, I’ve NEVER drank enough water.  You would think a few bladder and kidney … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, RESET!!!!!!!!!! #SparklingDetox Time

O.K. That’s enough of the talk. It’s time to do. The Sparkling Detox Challenge starts today. And there is no better time than NOW! I’ve talked about too much activity, not enough sleep. Can we just throw stress up in … Continue reading

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Under The Struggle Is The Sparkle: #SparklingDetox Ready

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it an only be changed from one form to another.” -Albert Einstein- I am currently in search of the form on this Earth that is walking around with my transferred energy. I.Am.Tired. My days … Continue reading

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#FeelAmazingEveryDay: Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Giveaway and Review

Amazing. Marvelous. Incredible. Unbelievable. Wonderful. Awesome. I just turned 41 two days ago and with aching knees, hips, a world in an uproar, laundry that never seems to get done and hair that just doesn’t seem to fall in place, … Continue reading

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