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Barre and Body Issues

I know. I’m getting ready for the game too.  🙂   I’m also getting ready for Xtend Barre Huntsville to open this Saturday. The process has been long and we’ve done A LOT of work.  But there is so much … Continue reading

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Why My Body Is None of Your Business

Sigh. I’ve been sitting on this for well over a week now.  I guess I needed to let it soak in before I went on an unnecessary rant.  But it was an unnecessary conversation.  It’s BEEN an unnecessary conversation for … Continue reading

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Behind Getting Knifed Up: What’s The Real Issue?

The words of a lawyer I trained once always play in the back of my head, “The most dangerous thing you could ever do is show up at the hospital for an elective surgery.” I am starting to wonder which … Continue reading

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#SixWeeksScaleFree: Free From More Than A Piece of Tin

  These ten numbers will mean nothing to you but, at one time, they meant EVERYTHING to me: 10 172 232 218 138 158 162 143 80 140 And it only took me about 10 seconds to type those numbers … Continue reading

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#IAM: The Beginning of A Movement

….perhaps a video is worth more. How much is a video of pictures worth? What happens when you feel like you just need to talk but the typing doesn’t seem to convey the emotion and you have a message you … Continue reading

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