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Shame: Seeing My Way In and Seeing My Way Out

A lot can happen in two years.  See, I was dating this man. And, as I have said in at all three speaking engagements I’ve had in the past two weeks, that could end the story right there. 🙂 We … Continue reading

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Totally Over The Weight Loss Thing

My children would probably have a fit if I ever headed for the door and had my keys in my hand.  I can NEVER find my keys.  I throw them everywhere, on the dresser, the nightstand, the ironing board.  I … Continue reading

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I’m Not A Weight Loss Coach

If you want to know how to lose weight, sure, I can tell you.  However, I do not consider myself a weight loss coach.  “Weight loss” has gotten to be such an ugly phrase; one that we use to punish … Continue reading

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What’s Your Formula?

I’ll admit. There are just some things I didn’t “get” when I was in school: biology, chemistry, anything past Algebra II. Just last week, I was having a conversation with my husband and my son about the pythagorean theorem and … Continue reading

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New Season, New Reasons

Forgive my bluntness but winter SUCKED. It started with an awful work situation, a teenager ending his first semester of high school on a low note and my baby girl passing out in my husband’s arms on Christmas day and … Continue reading

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