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Hills and Valleys, The End, The Beginning: 2018

If you’ve been anywhere near me in the last 72 hours, near my car, near the bathroom when I’m in the shower, in the close vicinity when it looks like I’m mumbling to myself, you’ve heard the following words being … Continue reading

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Between The Five Letter Words

I write better when I’m in the moment. Right now, I’m having a moment. Can I just say, for the record, and to go ahead and clear the air before I start with this blog…PEOPLE GET ON MY NERVES!!!!! There. … Continue reading

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It’s Time For A Detox

“Stay positive and keep praying.” I wanted to scream when a friend spoke these words to me even though I knew it was the ONLY answer to the situation. What else was I suppose to do? I have already figured … Continue reading

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I’m Back and I’m Struggling

I can’t remember the last time I went this long without blogging. It’s not that I haven’t “thought” about blogging. ¬†It’s that I just didn’t want to talk. ¬†Honestly, I’ve just wanted to sleep. I’ve been having trouble finding order, … Continue reading

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#40IsLikeWhoa: Me

From a housing project….. to my very own Wheaties Box…. 40 IS like WHOA because I swear I didn’t think I was going to make it. I usually spend every Friday highlighting a rock star woman in my life who … Continue reading

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