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#TransformationTuesday: With This Body

I’m over it. After another frustrating day of thinking about what I could and could not eat, what might make me gain five pounds overnight, what may make me swell, what exercises might keep me from sleeping, what supplement I … Continue reading

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#7DayDrinkGreen Challenge and Nanami Tea

I drink a lot. I know. It’s Cinco De Mayo and you automatically thought I meant margaritas. Well, I like those too but…. I meant I drink lots of liquids. I love lattes, juice, smoothies, water, coconut water, kool-aid if … Continue reading

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#MotivationalMonday: Move Out of Your Own Shadow

I know what my life used to be and what I used to look like. I’ve fit in a size 4.  I’ve fit in a size 24. I’ve seen marriage. Divorce. Life. Death. Grief. Success. Failure. Popularity. Isolation. I’ve been … Continue reading

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#TransformationTuesday: Dear Caterpillar

Dear Tasha, age 17: You were so beautiful. You just didn’t know it. You had spent your entire life believing the lies you had been fed since early childhood. When family and friends made fun of your skin color, your … Continue reading

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F.I.G.H.T. by Jenn Hall

I met Jenn Hall at a training she was hosting in 2009, for a class I never got to teach because I tore my meniscus the next month. 🙂 We managed to keep in touch over the years and connected … Continue reading

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