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tasha4I wanted to be a lawyer.  And an artist.  And a writer.  And a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.  And a Soul Train dancer.  Maybe even go on Solid Gold.  Working in the this field never crossed my mind.  I was the neighborhood choreographer for “fun.”  I used my allowance to buy extra fruits and vegetables because I enjoyed them.  I spent $60,000, getting two degrees, only to find out that I didn’t really want to work in social service and be a counselor.

But what I do is oh so personal.  And each experience I’ve had along the way has prepared me for the work I am doing every day.

I was a quiet, shy child who enjoyed reading, sleeping, playing double dutch, writing and dancing.  I didn’t eat much. I liked what I liked, had my share of sickness, got teased a lot and hid my fear of life and being who I really wanted to be (i.e. standing up for myself under quick witted responses and crying afterwards), pretending I didn’t care (hating myself privately) and ignoring people (isolating myself).  Those are behaviors I held on to for years and they would eventually lead me to clash with myself.

The story is really very long and there are a lot of pieces I could put in there.  But an early marriage (and divorce), the death of my son shortly after 1997birth, a child with special needs, another husband, another child, life in three states, losing my house, filing bankruptcy, being shunned by family and friends for my choices in life and trying to stay above water (those are just the highlights) all in my 20’s nearly killed me.  I was overweight, losing too much weight, anorexic, binge eating, drinking, staying out too late, angry, depressed, suicidal, desperate, broke, tired, faithless, you name it.  And yet, a chance job making $5.15/hr. at a gym selling memberships changed the fate of my life and here I am, a lot of pounds away from that 232 I used to weigh and so so far away from the mindset of the woman who lived in that body.  I honestly wouldn’t believe it would possible to change so much if I had not experienced it myself.

Tasha-65I know, you want to know HOW I lost the weight.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s called HARD WORK. 🙂 No pills.  No surgeries.  I was a single parent when I first started (my son running out into a parking lot and me being too big to catch up is what started this whole thing ) and I had no money for a trainer.  I am stickler for people believing in who THEY are not in what a PRODUCT can do for them.  I do not claim to be perfect or have the perfect body but I KNOW it can be done and that’s why I’m out there, sharing what I know for SURE.  I am no different than you. I’ve struggled.  Sometimes I feel like I’m still gasping for air.  I’ve had four surgeries in five and half years.  I had a death take me to my knees.  I was paralyzed with anxiety and couldn’t eat for two months. After having a hysterectomy, my hormones went haywire and my weight has been up and down and up and down. The past six months has been the biggest challenge of my life.  Real talk: sometimes I just want to sit on the couch with a basket of french fries, some doughnuts and a Pepsi and be done with this whole thing.  That feeling never lasts too long.  It’s resilience, even now.  When I look at that word I see, “I will NOT remain in silence.” My health is worth fighting for every day of the week.  My feelings are fleeting.  I stick with the facts.  The fact is life isn’t going to slow down or get easier because I’m getting tired or want to stay in my same size jeans without work. I’m either going to commit to a healthier lifestyle now or be done with it.  I’ve chosen to stay in it.


And if you have chosen to stay in it, I want to work with you.

I’ve been in this coaching/counseling field for over fifteen years and in the fitness industry for ten.  It would be a privilege to get to know you and help tear down whatever brick wall you may have put up to keep your beautiful, bright, beaming self from shining. I offer one on one and group personal training and coaching (two different things but the combination together is AMAZING).  I am also available virtually.

And, oh, I do still love to jump double dutch (if I can ever find a game down here), am originally from Chicago (South Side!), loooooove peanut butter, good music, dancing bachata, tea, Starbucks and dark chocolate almonds. 🙂

E-mail me at I’m ready if you’re ready. 

16 Responses to My Story

  1. Frances Crowder says:

    Hi Tasha, I just wanted to say that you have become a daily inspiration to me since I met you at primary fitness in Douglasville. Your story of the trials you have overcome make me count my blessings and see my trials as part of my journey.

    I think you are absolutely awesome and want to thank you for putting yourself and your experiences out there because it helps other women (mainly I am talking about me) know that anything is possible no matter what you are going thru and where you started.

    again thanks for being you, you are awesome

    • HipHealthyChick says:

      Frances, this is special to me and I, very humbly, thank you. It has been a WiLD experience, this life of mine but I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Women like you give me the strength to keep going. YOU are awesome. (((((HUGS)))))

  2. Crystal says:

    Hi Tasha! I remember you from college! You have an awesome testimony and your story really encouraged me today! I hope to make it to some of your classes once your up and moving:). Proud of you!

    Crystal Jarmon Hardison

    • HipHealthyChick says:

      Hey, Crystal. 🙂 Great to hear from you. Thank you, Sister. So glad something I shared could be an encouragement to you. Would love to see you in a class. Do you live in my area? I’m in Huntsville, AL.

  3. Tasha,

    I am so proud of you. You are so awesome .

    Lisa Jones
    Nashville, TN

  4. Brit says:

    Thanks for sharing your story Tasha – it was so great to meet you in person finally at IDEA Blogfest. Hope your week is wonderful. Lots of luv, Brit

    • HipHealthyChick says:

      Hey, Brit! Thank you so much!
      It was so great meeting YOU and putting a name with a face! I know you’re dressed sharp this week! 🙂 (((((HUGS)))))

  5. Charlotte says:

    What a beautiful story of victory and perseverance. Can’t wait to read more.

  6. V Renea says:

    I am so glad that I found your blog. You are so inspirational.

    • HipHealthyChick says:

      Thank you so much for that.
      I appreciate the good energy. Glad we found each other.

  7. Danielle says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I can relate to a lot of this. I turn 40 in a few months, and I’m trying to get out of my own way toward getting the life I want, health-wise and in using my abilities to positively affect the world. I would be interested in finding out about your coaching services.

  8. Tara Kamiya says:

    You have a hell of a story!
    You have not come this far to just throw in the towel!
    I am so proud of you!
    I am sending positive vibes your way!

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