The Christmas Must Haves for Fitness Peeps

It’s o.k. to want things to be easier.

It’s o.k. to want things for Christmas.

It’s o.k. to put it out there that you want things for Christmas to make your life easier, in this case, your fit life.  In a world of stuff to keep us from having to do anything active, it’s nice to know that there are things out there to encourage us to be more active…if we use them.  I know way too many treadmills being used for laundry and I might have a house full of stuff that has never been put to use.

But I digress.

I wanted to pick three GREAT things that I thought would be awesome for a fitness person to have in their Christmas that maybe you could consider getting the active person in your life to inspire them on their journey.

  1. The Myo Buddy Massager: So, I was sent one of these for review as a Sweat Pink ambassador with Fit Approach. I’m not sure why I didn’t buy this the first time I saw it at a fitness convention last year.  This is my new recovery tool.  As a person who is active AND has lots of residual pain from shoulder surgery two months ago, I use this loosen up tense muscles AND to help settle my nerves before bed.  I use it for my back (which is SUPER tense right now and I just taught three classes) shoulders, legs and all.  I like that you can get a deeper massage by the way you turn it. Once I get back into my workouts, I’m going to start using it to warm up my muscles too.  I, personally, think this is a better gift than a couple of massage gift certificates.  Give this to somebody and they can carry it around in their bag and use it for a while….a LONG while.  And, if you use the code ‘SPTASHA’ from now until 12/30, you can get $100 off.  It’s worth EVERY dime.

2. Takeya Water Bottle: Water is my nemesis but it is SO necessary. I’ve owned a million water bottles (if it’s in a cute container I’ll drink it, right?) but none of them have rocked my world like the Takeya.  I received a complimentary one when I attended Blog Fest this year in Las Vegas. It’s insulated and you can keep beverages hot or cold for HOURS, it sits perfectly in my cup holder (always an issue) and the little spout cap is perfect for leaving open so I can get a FULL swallow and leave the cap open.  There are several colors available.  I have the bright green one (I need one that’s hard to lose although I seem to “misplace” it often. Working on it).

3) Thrive Market Membership: I love Thrive Market!! Thrive Market is like the online Costco for healthy foods.  The reason I like it so much is because I can order my snacks at a discount AND have them delivered to my door. I live in a not small town but not a big town and being vegan in Alabama is almost like an oxymoron so I can good deals on special items here.  They also have lots of paleo, gluten free and organic items.  If you click here and use my link, you can get 25% off your first order (which is on top of the savings you already get) and a free 30 day trial.  The membership is like $60 per year and for every membership that is sold, a membership is given to a family that cannot afford it.  Way cool.

Side notes: A fitness person can always use Amazon gift cards (we love our supplements and NOW Foods, for whom I am an ambassador makes some of my favorites!), our books, our music, our shirts with the funny sayings on them.  We love our food so gift cards to healthy grocery stores (Sprouts is my jam!) and/or Farmer’s Markets are great.  A great pair of socks is good (I love Balega socks with a passion), a gift certificate to a running store for shoes is great. We are always in need of a spare pair of headphones (ALWAYS), a great lunch bag to carry around the food we are always munching on or snacks to put in the bag.  Leggins are life and ones with good compression in the right size will get you a lifelong friend.

The truth is we are just happy you would think enough to support our lifestyle.

Keep the lifestyle in mind.  It makes a person happy to know that you really care.

Happy Holidays!!

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