#TuesdaysWithTasha Are You Really Busy and Tired?

What are you REALLY saying? 

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3 Responses to #TuesdaysWithTasha Are You Really Busy and Tired?

  1. Great video. Lots of truth and wisdom within. For me personally unless I’m sick I don’t get tired doing what I love or exercising my passions. I enjoy being with and spending time with my brother Stephen.
    But work is another story. Next year will be eligible to retire.

  2. Greetings Young Lady!! Great blog post and video! Personally I think that tired comes with tasks and jobs that we don’t want to do. For example my job causes me to be tired with its weird hours, repetitiveness and boredom. Sometimes my mind does get overstimulated and insomnia kicks in. But I’ve had it for so long that I finally changed my work schedule to evenings and nights since I’m up anyway. May as well be productive and earn money! LOL!

    Now when it comes to doing something I love and spending days indulging my passions of spending time with my brother Stephen, photography and writing then I have all types of energy! LOL!

    However I will be eligible to retire next year. I will put in my papers but will also use wisdom to see if I will be able to live on my pension. I’ll also be looking at other options because I’m not yet 62. Will only be 59 next year.