Save Space, Save Money: #InfinityJars Review


I am all about getting down to more minimalist lifestyle. I’m not sure if this is because I’m just getting older and chaos just doesn’t look or feel good on me or if I’m just learning to make room for the things that matter (and learning that my latte habit is NOT one of them).


In this process, I have realized that I waste WAY too much space, WAY too much food and WAY too much money. And I don’t make enough to support that type of lifestyle. I’ve been looking for things to help me clean up all of my loose ends and help me be mindful, efficient and decluttered.

In comes Infinity Jars.

I got into bulk foods way back in the day when Whole Foods was Wild Oats while living in Nashville. I figured out REAL QUICK that if I put my own stuff in those plastic bags and wrote the number on them it was WAY cheaper. After I switched over to a plant based diet, bulk foods became even more crucial to my existence. I was making my own trail mixes and cereals and kept bags of grains and beans and nuts.

And that’s the problem. I had bags EVERYWHERE. And let me tell you, no matter how tight you tie them, gnats and bugs can still get in them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a great dinner idea, only to open a bag and have an entire crew of uninvited guests swimming from my prize ingredient.


When Infinity Jars reached out to me, I knew their product was something I had to have. While they indeed sent me a few jars to review, I paid extra to have extra. I knew I needed them that bad.

Infinity Jars deem themselves as “the most powerful glass ever created.” These glass jars is lightproof, scent proof, has ultraviolet filtering AND has an airtight seal. Basically, you can put your “good stuff” (homemade trail mixes, herbs, teas, flour, cosmetics, homemade lotions and creams) in these.

While there are over SEVENTY styles (seriously), I got three liter wide mouth jars and three half liter jars. I am an oatmeal nut so I have a jar with steel cut oats, one with rolled oats and one with instant oats. I use my other jars for beans or rotate my mixed nuts in them. I can TASTE the difference. It doesn’t have that rancid, been on the shelf too long taste anymore AND and I’m cautious of buying six pounds when I only need two because if I am not using it immediately or putting it in one of my jars, I don’t buy it.

And did I mention how pretty they are? They also come with labels so you can know what’s in them without opening them.

I know. You can just use mason jars. I thought the same thing but these jars are something special and I’m telling you, my food really does taste different after being in them. It’s almost as if the food has been rejuvenated.

If you know me, you know I don’t just “recommend” stuff for the sake of talking. Try these jars. I really think you’ll like them. If you have them, tell me what you store in them!

And if you are working on this minimalist lifestyle too, please help figure out how to stop buying workout clothes.

One step at a time. 😊

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