The Problem, The Solution: Essence ph10 Water and Giveaway!

We’ve had this conversation before.

I’m Tasha and I have fall short when it comes to drinking enough water.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve NEVER drank enough water.  You would think a few bladder and kidney infections here and there (and having to swallow those gigantic horse pills in college to help cure it) would be enough to get me in line.  Nope. Apparently, I need sparks, bells, whistles, stickers and a parade to get me to drink enough.

That is, unless I FEEL differently when I drink it and it tastes good.  That’s why I’ve been walking around with a “purple bottle” in my hand for two weeks.  The Essence ph10 water has been my jam.

I was SUPER excited when I was offered the opportunity through my ambassadorship with Fit Approach (hey, #SweatPink team!) to test out Essence ph10 alkaline water and incorporate it into my busy, active lifestyle.  The truth of the matter is I’ve had the water before and I LOVED it.  I love alkaline water.  People always ask me what does it specifically do.  I cannot answer for the masses and I am NOT a doctor but for someone who often two, three or four classes a day with clients to train and workouts of my own to complete in between, I find it to be a great pick me up.  I’m not sure if the alkaline balance is helping get stuff out of my body that’s slowing me down (yeah, it keeps me regular too) but I feel great.  I also don’t feel “thirsty” (which I often do) after I drink it so I know the hydration is working.  I was also pleased to notice (because sometimes I’m one of those people who just buys stuff because it tastes good and the benefits are just extra) that Essence ph10 water has organic hibiscus in it which offers some great antioxidant power.  I’ll take ALL of that.

So, during the week of lifting weights,

Teaching at the barre studio (sometimes three classes back to back),

Or getting up SUPER EARLY to go run before my first client,

I’ve been getting my water on and really being mindful to get at least two bottles down a day which was a little bit more than 64 ounces.  I found myself CRAVING water (YES!! You read that correctly).

And that was TOTALLY worth returning to the house several mornings to grab my bottles for the day (bad habit of just leaving out the door and not thinking).

How’s your water intake? How do you get your water in and what would like for your water to do besides just be wet? 🙂

I’m challenging you to try Essence ph10 and see how it works for you! And….Essence ph10 is letting me give a case of water to one of my readers.  Please enter below.  The contest will end on Sunday, March 12th at 11:59 P.M. EST and the winner will be announced on Monday, March 13th! Good luck and go drink some water!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Open to U.S. residents only. One prize per person.  If you win a prize from another blogger, please disclose that so we can choose another winner. 

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3 Responses to The Problem, The Solution: Essence ph10 Water and Giveaway!

  1. Dee says:

    I love how detailed your blog posts are! I have tried this water before but not consistently… Would love to give it another try! 😉

  2. steph says:

    Childbirth and breastfeeding are the big activities on my radar screen at 30 weeks pregnant 😉

  3. I find myself needing to be more mindful to drink enough water! Running really makes me sweat it out…rehydrating is key!