If I Can, You Can by De Bolton


My paths crossed with De online, somewhere.  🙂 Our love and commitment to our faith and fitness made it easy for us to find each other. We eventually met at Blog Fest last year in Los Angeles.  I love that De is verbal and open about where her heart and desires are and gives God the glory every opportunity she gets for where she has found herself on this journey.

Here’s her story:

My name is De Bolton I am a mom to 3 lil divas (13,9 and 2), wife of fourteen years to my best friend and Fitness Enthusiast. I didn’t always love to get fit. Growing up I was always thin and never worried about eating healthy or exercising. I didn’t need to exercise because the weight was never an issue for me. I did competitive cheerleading and played softball only because my dad made me. I was the girl who would struggle passing gym class because I wouldn’t get dressed and participate. Getting sweaty and huffing wasn’t my thing. Fast forward into my twenties. I got married very young and shortly after that had my first little girl. During my pregnancy, I gained 95 pounds and since I had never actually worked out or eaten right before that was all foreign to me. It took me several years to lose the weight and then I got pregnant with my second daughter.

Through my second pregnancy, I remained active. I had been a regular fixture at the YMCA and I was a group fitness class junkie. I would take class after class with no real interest in any of them. It was just something to help lose the post-baby pounds. Despite my active pregnancy, I still gained 85 lbs. After I had my second daughter I joined the workout group Stroller Strides with the other mommies. I trained for my first 5k and I was hooked on the runner’s high. I became an avid runner getting up to 4 miles a day. I’ve done several 5ks and four obstacle mud runs.

After my second daughter, I was diagnosed with anxiety. It manifested into Obsessive Compulsive behavior and bouts of depression. Running became therapeutic for me and a necessity in my life, not because I loved running but because I loved getting away and out of mommy mode for moments. I also had postpartum depression with all of my daughters, so fitness became a way to cope.

Other than running I taught pole dancing classes and began to try new things in fitness. My eating had cleaned up but still wasn’t the best. I was a drive thru junkie, and we ate a lot of our meals in the car from a paper bag. I was starting to make changes in my life towards a healthier lifestyle but still wasn’t completely committed.

There is a 6-year span between my middle and youngest and a ten-year gap between my oldest and youngest. My third pregnancy was unexpected, unplanned and at a terrible time in our life. While we are going through extreme financial hardship, I was pregnant with twins at which I lost one at 11 weeks, leaving my youngest daughter. I was on bed rest for six weeks and became depressed. Sleeping and eating were pretty much most of my existence. Not being able to get up and do stuff and staying in bed all day was hard. I gained 75 lbs with my last pregnancy and after I came home I added on another thirty pounds within the first year of my youngest’s life.

I was sad, lonely, and seeking comfort in food. I also was growing in my faith and I was saved by grace. I was raised faithful and taught but never actually practiced it on a day to day basis. I was a ‘fix it Jesus” kind of Christian where I would call on God when I needed Him or when my back was against the wall. I would still then try to take it back and handle it myself. I literally had a “come to Jesus” moment on the bathroom floor when I surrendered it all to Christ and asked Him to lead my way. From that moment on, my life has changed. I completely committed myself to getting healthy in every aspect of my life; mind, body, and soul. I dove into everything, clean eating, an exercise program and daily inductive studying of the Word.

I came out of this weight loss journey on fire for God, seventy pounds lighter and an appetite for mostly good things. I have found a passion in motivating others to live their best life and I want to help anyone who feels like it’s just too tough. Because I’ve been there and i know it is hard, I  want to help you get to where you are trying to go. This fitness journey is also different. I don’t want to get my pre-baby body back. I want to get in the best shape of my life; try things that interest me and conquer things that scare me. I want to live out loud and unapologetically and motivate others to do the same. I feel if this gym class flunkie can do it anyone else can too!

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