Finding Balance by Christy Scott

I’ve known Christy for what seems like a long time. We seem like an unlikely pair; she’s the runner and I’m the “do anything as long as it’s not running type.” 🙂

Over the years, we’ve found a way to encourage and help each other.  Christy is very modest and very awesome! I asked her to share her fitness story and how she does it all (and she does A LOT).  I hope you are encouraged and inspired by her like I am. Read on. 

Having a career in the fitness industry, while being a mom, a wife, and an athlete takes some planning and organization, to say the least! But, it IS possible to do them all, if you do it the right way.

I have always thrived off of being busy and having lots of irons in the fire. I got married while I was in college. We had our first child while I was still in school (we even timed it so that she was born between semesters!), then had our second child the year after I graduated. Now, you do need to know that it took me 8 years to graduate since I was trying to balance everything out with the household, school and working. But, I did it!

When the kids were younger, I scheduled my training runs early in the morning, while they were still asleep and my husband was home. We had to coordinate our schedules, which meant that I worked a lot of evenings so that he could be home with the kids. He also traveled a lot for his job, so that meant that we also had to depend on an amazing babysitter, as well as my sister, that helped us a lot with transporting kids around and helping me get them to school, etc. The more people you have supporting you, the better, for sure! I surrounded myself with people who loved our kids and cared about their well-being.

As the kids have got older, things got a little crazier, with both of them playing sports and being involved in lots of things, it meant that I spent a lot of time in the car, going from practice to practice and tournaments all over the place. What it also meant is that I had to schedule out my workouts. If one had a 1 hour baseball practice, we got there 10-15 minutes early, I walked them over to the coach, then ran laps around the outside perimeter of the field or the park. I could still watch, but got in what I needed to at the same time. Luckily, where there was basketball practice, there was an elliptical and a treadmill that I could use while they were practicing. It meant that I never felt like I was ditching my child to get a workout in.

Once they started driving, things got MUCH easier. The downfall of this is that you don’t see them as much. They get their license, and POOF, they are gone. I miss the time in the car. It’s when they tell you about their day and what so-and-so did at school. For those of you that still have kids this age, CHERISH EVERY SECOND. Once my son started driving last summer, I really had to make sure to carve out time for us to talk. I make sure that we attend every event of his that we can. I don’t want him to think that we aren’t interested any longer just because he can drive himself where he needs to be.

As far as my training and my work goes, I try to make sure that I coordinate what I do with what is going on with our family. I sit down every Sunday and work on the schedule for the week. This involves my meal planning, workout schedule, training schedule and schedule for the family activities. If my son has a basketball game on a Tuesday evening and I normally have clients at that time, I move them to another evening that doesn’t interfere. Fortunately, I have the most awesome clients EVER and they are always willing to work with me to make thing work. My family is my priority, and everyone that I surround myself with knows this.

There is no reason that you can’t get everything in that you need to. I always stress to the people that I work with that they MUST plan if they want to get everything done. Organization is key, as is knowing what direction you are going. I like to write down my goals, look at them frequently, and re-evaluate if I am still heading in the right direction or not.

My own workouts typically happen during the day, during my down time, when it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s activities. Of course, I realize that I have an advantage by working in gyms and being able jump in the weight room for a quick 30 minute workout. But, if you really look at your schedule and how you spend your time, you will find the time (if you really want to).

One other important note, it’s ok to say “NO” to things that are not a priority. If you are asked to do things that take you away from the things you love and it leaves you feeling stressed, JUST SAY NO. It’s one of those lessons we learn as we age. Getting older is not that bad. We really do get a little wiser. Best of luck finding that balance. YOU CAN DO IT!

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