F.I.G.H.T. by Jenn Hall

I met Jenn Hall at a training she was hosting in 2009, for a class I never got to teach because I tore my meniscus the next month. 🙂 We managed to keep in touch over the years and connected on both a personal and professional level.  I could say a lot about Jenn and her resume is extensive and amazing but her behind the scenes fights are what make her strong and a person I consider a rock star when it comes to fighting back.

Here’s her story:

Anyone who knows me well would describe me as a survivor, perhaps annoyingly so. To anyone that doesn’t come in contact with me daily, it seems that no matter what obstacle is thrown in my path, I fight my way over, under or through it and rise up stronger than when I started. Of course there is an on-going physical and mental struggle and a huge daily leap of faith that they do not see along with a refusal to quit anything- sometimes even things I would be better off quitting- that keep me rising from the ashes. There is no particular formula for this phenomenon other than I’m red-headed and Italian so when the doctors told me at age 26 that I had less than a year to live, I promptly explained how wrong they were and knew I would show then that cancer, Lupus and Epstein Barre would not kill me even though every other patient diagnosed with all three was already dead. That was the moment I realized there is no choice. I was forced to FIGHT for my health every minute for 11 years before stem cell was an option for me and that death sentence was finally off of the table. I still battle daily to keep my energy up and to cope with or ignore the side effects of so much medical treatment and my goal here is to encourage you to join your own fight before you ever face a life or death moment.

So, how do YOU do that with all of the pressures that life puts on you?

Decide right now!

You are the priority. You cannot take care of anyone else, not your family, not your children, not your clients, not your business, as long as you are not taking care of you!

Check out the acronym below to help you keep your eyes on the prize: a happier, healthier you.

F Faith: Find something bigger than yourself to believe in and understand that you have a purpose to fulfill that can only be completed if you are WELL

I Initiate your plan: write down what you hope to gain from taking care of yourself as if it has already happened. For example, “I am a good role model if an active healthy adult for my children.”

G Get & Keep moving: exercise in ways that make you happy, every single day, do something you love

H Habit check: look at what you eat & drink and what emotions are associated with each food or beverage; decide that good food is medicine and remind yourself why you are eating the right things most of the time, not as punishment but as prevention…food = fuel

T Think: think of yourself as you want to be with positive versus negative statements. For example if you know you need to stop over earing, say to yourself “I make smart food choices have a healthy relationship with food.”

Hopefully these 5 tips will keep you on the path to fighting the good fight. The prize of being happy and healthy is well worth the work- now GO start your FIGHT!


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