28 Days To Us: The Time Is NOW

I’m sitting in Starbucks bobbing my head to James Brown and Al Green. My latte has been gone for an hour.

I’m supposed to be creating calendars, balancing my checkbook and answering emails but it just won’t stop.

That nagging.  That “I told you to move and I will guide you” nudge God has been giving me for well over six months now. It has now turned into a throbbing headache that I cannot shake.

I’m probably hungry.


No, I’m stalling because I’m not ready. With everything on the internet, the $10 meal plans, workout guides that promise to have you ripped by 5 p.m., this is NOT the time.  With people more confused than ever about why they are still struggling with the same issues OVER and OVER again with their health and wellness even though we have more information than ever WHY is now the time to speak up?


Because perhaps I’m speaking for someone who can’t. That’s how this whole thing got started in the first place.

This morning, in the middle of my Facebook post, I mentioned that people can’t go to Whole Foods if they don’t know it exists in the first place.  We are so blind to the fact that sometimes people aren’t in their healthiest place because they don’t know how to be, don’t have access to the super cool ellipticals or even remotely know how to start recording themselves standing upside for the super cool Instagram yoga challenges (which I struggle with myself). Some of us have access to it all and have not given ourselves access to our own thoughts.  We are too busy blocking out our own intuition believing that other people know us better than we know ourselves.


Last year, I started using the hashtag #NoWomanLeftBehind.  It became a rally cry for me. I always wanted every woman I ever had an encounter with at the gym, during a class or a training session to know that I had her back and that her struggle or her story was worth us exploring together and no matter what, if she will willing to step up to be better then I was willing to hold the ladder and we would walk to the next destination together.  The classes I taught became stronger (I didn’t say bigger because numbers don’t always mean strength) because we really began to be about the sisterhood in EVERY class I taught.  If I didn’t have the energy, someone else did and we hi-fived, hugged and cried until we were all on our way to a higher place.  And it often times had NOTHING to do with how many calories we burned.

Welcome to the launch of Studio US; the virtual place where we come together in health and wellness to upgrade our lives, uplift each other in the sisterhood and become successful in sustaining a life of health and wellness.  What we do here is what I want to take out to the masses.  God gave me vision last year in the middle of what was undeniably the worst year of my life and friends stepped forward to donate money to me (asking nothing in return other than me following my dreams) in order for me to buy the things I needed to get started.

I went down emotionally and in my garage sits all of those things and dreams.

On the eve of what could be one of the hardest days of my life, God is telling me “it’s time to move.” And any woman who wants to come along, it’s time to go.

For the month of February, Studio US will be a private group.  I will be launching “28 Days to US;’ a virtual challenge program based on healthy thinking, behavior modification, creating your own food plans, realistic exercise for your level, fun fitness challenges and support of the sisterhood. And the money you pay into this 28 days helps me to offer scholarships to people who honestly can’t afford it. It also helps me to create programs to go out into areas that are underserved and just offer different programs that inspire and uplift. The goal is for us rise…together.

The investment for the 28 days (starting Wednesday, February 1, 2017) is $49. I promise the investment in each other is worth more than dollars could ever equal.  As with all of my programs, scholarships programs are available.  Please email me at hiphealthychick@gmail to be considered for one.

The group will be ran via Facebook. While you will miss the group interaction if you are not on Facebook, I am more than willing to send emails with the daily information if you want to participate but don’t do Facebook.  I get it.  Trust me.

Please click on the button to get started.

We are going to change things but we have to be willing to change ourselves.

I think I need another latte.

It’s go time!!

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