Ready, Set, RESET!!!!!!!!!! #SparklingDetox Time


O.K. That’s enough of the talk. It’s time to do. The Sparkling Detox Challenge starts today.

And there is no better time than NOW!

I’ve talked about too much activity, not enough sleep. Can we just throw stress up in the mix and how those three have COMPLETELY jacked up my ENTIRE life? My body is somewhere floating in another stratosphere. My Starbucks bill might be running neck and neck with my student loans. I just lost it for a bit. And then that whole “mercury in retrograde” thing (never believed in it before but I read up on it this time and I swear it sounded like my autobiography).

I posted a quote on my Instagram a week or so ago that read, “If you’ve ever fallen down and lost your spark, get back up as the whole damn fire.” Well, I’m about to be one sparkling inferno.

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But let me drink this water first.

So, if you’ve read my other post about the Gerolsteiner #SparklingDetox challenge that I’m doing with my #SweatPink family (and a BUNCH of other people!! Wow! So many people have joined in. Check out the Facebook group and do it with us!), you know that I’ve pledged to drink 80 ounces of water before 8 p.m., starting with guzzling down a bottle FIRST thing in the morning when I get out of bed for five days and drinking NOTHING ELSE.


Jesus, help me.

I am an orange juice and tall soy skinny hazelnut latte addict. I know when I wake up that first morning at 4:30 a.m. with bags under my eyes and clients and students waiting for me to show up like MC Hammer in his prime ready to go, I’m going to be tempted because I’m going to “assume” I need it for energy. As much as I like spontaneity, I am also a creature of habit in many ways. I am actually going to drive a different way to work for the week so I don’t even have to pass Starbucks (or at least not my main one where they know my name, my schedule, my drink and my children). I KNOW I have to get the water in before 8:00 p.m. because I go to bed early AND I hate getting up and going to the bathroom at night. My challenge will be not zoning out during the day and FORGETTING to drink water (yes, even with teaching so many classes).


I’m actually looking forward to the change. I’m looking forward to seeing what my energy will feel like. I’m looking forward to having the extra few dollars in my pocket. I’m looking forward to seeing what the hydration will do for my mood, my sleep, my headaches and the occasional bloating I experience. I’m also looking forward to seeing how me having water ALL the time will influence my clients and students and if I can make this a long-standing habit.

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I am NOT saying I will never have Starbucks again BUT I would love for water to be my main thing.

I have my bottles set up for each day (only putting five in the fridge per day. Someone in my house is sure to guzzle them down and say, “Oh, were those for you? We believe in community property here). I’m getting a new lunch bag so I can carry my bottles with me and I even have a huge water cup just in case I’m tired of carrying around bottles and want to dump it all in one cup and sip for the day.


But I’m GOING to do this! I’m ready for the change and the reset! Follow me on Instagram (if we aren’t already connected!) and see how it’s going and let me know how you’re doing as well!

Let’s go sparkle!

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