Now or Too Late

They say it takes 21 days to start a new habit.

I haven’t written a blog post in 22 days.

My new habit is to speak when I have something to say, when it’s clear, when it’s meaningful.

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The last three weeks have been a blur. I’m also a procrastinator.

My last blog was written from the lobby of a Los Angeles hotel while I was attending Blog Fest and the IDEA World Fitness Convention. I could write about my experiences but most of the people who read my blog have no idea what Blog Fest even is (my clients just know my trips as me coming back with new equipment and exercises and making their training sessions “interesting”) and while I was sitting in a workshop there I confessed that I don’t read a lot of “recaps” myself because, well, I’m not really interested.  I wasn’t there. Someone else’s experience won’t make me feel like I was there and well, I’d rather read more books on Prince and how to clean out my closet.


I did get to take a picture with Jenna Wolfe who is super cool and hear her speak. She brought tears to my eyes.

Truth. That’s what I’ve found out in the past three weeks. I’m getting down to my truth. And I’m getting down to the part where I am no longer dressing it up, apologizing for it or trying to make it look good so others will approve.  It’s a controversial position when you are professionally a public person and then part of your personal life becomes majorly public. In spite of all of it, I have decided this is it.  Life could end at ANY moment for ANY of us and if I dropped dead after I pressed published on this blog, I want to know I left here doing EXACTLY what I wanted, how I wanted to do it, with my heart and head clear.

And, as Jenna said so eloquently but with a urgency that made water fall from my eyes like she was talking directly to me, there are only two times in life…..

Now or too late.

When do we start that exercise program? Make that trip to the gym to sign up for a membership?

When do we reach out to that friend we had an argument with months ago to make amends?

When do we return that email that could potentially a great lead for our business?

When do we stop eating that one food we know is making us sick?

When do we ask for the raise?

When do we say “I love you” to the person we’ve been dating?

When do we say “I’ve had enough?”

When do we make that doctor’s appointment?

When do we pay attention to what our child has been trying to tell us?

When do we write that book?

When do we say no?

When do we ask for help?

And I am typing this with a million questions of my own swarming through my head.  Jenna’s message brought me to tears because I am one who holds their breath on life, waiting.  I’ve never been really sure why I live with such a pause.  I will tell you it has caused a LOT of worrying, anxiety and depression over my lifetime.  I have spent countless hours, days, weeks (possibly years) in misery second guessing myself because I could not go forward wondering what if?


And many times while I was pacing the floor, the buzzer sounded and it became too late.

HIp Healthy Chick

If you are on the fence this morning about taking a step, any step, know that time waits for no one. If you are o.k. with potentially missing out then wait.  If it’s THAT important to you, then NOW IS THE TIME.

….for me and for you.

Let’s go.


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