Getting My Sparkle on With Gerolsteiner: The #SparklingDetox

There are three I’d like to confess right now:

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  1. 95% of the time, I am not the friend you should ask to hang out after 9 p.m.
  2. I’d rather buy books than food, clothes, or well, just about anything.
  3. I have had a problem getting in my daily intake of water my entire life.

I know the benefits of being hydrated. I own six thousand water bottles in different colors, shapes and sizes. I can, honestly, FEEL the difference when I haven’t had enough water. And because I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, I’ve been feeling EVERYTHING a lot more. So really, what I’m saying is, water should be the least of my issues. I think I can take it on.

That’s why I was really excited when my #SweatPink family at FitApproach announced their partnership with Gerolsteiner, who is hosting a #SparklingDetox.

I know. I just did an ENTIRE series on “detoxing” and why the word can be deceiving. It’s difficult to describe what detox means, truly, for different people.

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For me, personally, I had the opportunity to drink LOTS of Gerolsteiner sparkling water while attending BlogFest last month. I was, literally, walking through the expo and being handed bottles every time I blinked. It was a sign that I REALLY needed to do better. The idea of detox (by my definition) is giving my body time to adjust to having or not having something and seeing how it reacts. Teaching ten yoga/fitness classes a week while personal training, trying to work out on my own and dropping in on a random dance practice or two, my body is going through some changes and I need to make a change to go with the flow; the sparkling water flow. 🙂

As with any change, as I stated on my Instagram earlier this week, support is EVERYTHING! Gerolsteiner has set up a Facebook support group those of us who are doing the challenge can share words of encouragement, information and tips. Even if you are just “thinking” about joining in the #SparklingDetox, click here and join the group!

People often think that trainers and instructors have it all together when we are trying to stay as healthy as we can just like everyone else! We all have areas that we need to work on and this one is mine. I’m so excited to be a part of this and to see what comes of my focus and my energy (and my daily steps going to the bathroom)! I will also be posting 80 rep workouts each day of the five day challenge (to keep me accountable with the 80 ounces of water I plan to drink very day) to keep us all in the flow!


It’s time to sparkle; inside and out! Get ready!

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2 Responses to Getting My Sparkle on With Gerolsteiner: The #SparklingDetox

  1. Liz says:

    Get it girl! I have been drinking way too much coffee lately. I’m so excited to focus more on drinking water!