Polar Balance Review: Because I Really DO Have Goals

I, traditionally, don’t like scales.


I also have a history of having problems with accountability (even as a trainer and a coach. I’m still human).

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Basically, I’m one of those people who’s struggled with setting goals in steps. I just wake one day, decide I’m going to do something and do it. I’ve struggled with the whole “measuring” things (food, macros, inches, strength changes). I go for the “feel.”

But just because you struggle doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. That’s why I have a Polar Balance scale now. And, well, ooooh weeee.


I became an ambassador for Polar this year. As long I could find my chest strap, I WAS consistent about measuring heart rate and calorie burn. Working with a Polar heart rate monitor actually helped me come out of the “no goal zone” because when I thought I was burning 3,000 calories in Zumba (don’t judge me. It felt like it.) I was really burning 30. I started kicking up my own game (instructors need to do that) and noticed a HUGE difference in not just my calorie burn but my endurance and my desire to see where I could take myself.

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Recently, Polar sent me an A360, perfect for someone who can never find their chest strap. I love this thing. With all of its categories for running (I run. Some. OK, once every four months), strength training, cycling, indoor and outdoor activities, swimming (yes, it’s water proof and yes, I’m going to get back in the pool) and GROUP FITNESS, it helps me kee a clear picture of what I’ve done for the month when I sink it with the Polar Flow app.

The Polar Flow app is amazing (if you use it to its full capacity. I’m in rehab. I’m trying). You can set goals (I set one to run a 10K by a certain date. I don’t want to talk about it but my A360 keeps asking me if I want to do what I’m supposed to do for the day to reach my goal). You can join groups by similar interests, goals or regions. You can also connect to the Polar Balance scale and set your goal there. )And, of course, now there is Polar Beat.  Click here to check that out.)

But be prepared to be told the truth.

Polar Balance Review

I won’t even tell you the insignificance of what I gained.  But it’s not taking me towards my  my goal and that’s all I need to know.  Tell me how to stay on track.  Isn’t that what we REALLY want….no matter how insignificant we think it is?

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The scale is synchronized with my Polar Flow app and all three of my Polar heart rate monitors (via Bluetooth). When I step on and sync through the app, it will tell me if I’m on track according to the date I set for my goal. It will adjust my date if I’m not on target. It will tell me to consume less calories and increase my exercise. It will show me via my heart rate monitor when I reach my goal of activity for the day by percentage (and it has nothing to do with hitting 10,000 steps). It keeps me in line with not only what I say and do but HOW I do it. You just won’t burn the same amount of calories taking three fitness classes and running two miles as you would walking around an outlet mall all day EVEN IF it says you walked the same amount of steps. It’s NOT the same thing. Polar knows it and your waistline does too.

Polar Balance Review

Basically, I’m reformed and I love this thing.  It’s not magic.  It won’t do work if you won’t but I’m finding the simplicity of it all (I love technology) helpful when I ask myself, “How bad do you REALLY want it?” While I still may be figuring out small details, there is no guess work as to whether you are on track or not.  And that’s the bottom line.

No, the bottom line is….you should get you one.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products free of charge as part of my ambassadorship with Polar.  As always, these are my unbiased, truthful opinions. 


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