Getting My Green Drink On: @MammaChia Chia & Greens Review and #Giveaway

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I am at my best when I can walk out of the house in a tank top and flip flops. Anybody who is close to me will agree: I was MADE for warm weather. I’m a zombie in the cold winter months (yes, I was born and raised in Chicago but that doesn’t mean I EVER grew to love below freezing temps and blizzards) but I thrive in the sunshine.

I do have just a couple of issues though.

I have a tendency to miscompensate for the heat (trying to soak it up because I know winter is coming back) and my body is often tired and lethargic from doing too much and from (my number one healthy living challenge during ANY season), not drinking enough fluids. I like water o.k. but I am not one of those people who only vow to drink water for the rest of their life. I need a drink with benefits; good taste, good nutrition and good when cold. I’m in this detox period, day 2 and it’s all about change.

Sipping on these Chia and Greens drinks by Mamma Chia is change; a good one. 

Mamma Chia Chia & Greens

I was given the opportunity to review these drinks as part of my ambassadorship with FitFluential. (While these drinks were sent to me in exchange for my review, my opinion, as always, is truthful). Mamma Chia sent me one of each of the Chia & Greens drinks (Soulful Greens which is cayenne and lemon, Love Greens which is beer and ginger, Grateful Greens which is kale and mint and Joyful Greens which is ginger and lemongrass) as well as an assortment of Mamma Chia goodies which included my FAVORITE chia squeezes, chia seeds, chia granola clusters and chia vitality bars (all organic). I am chia’d up here.

Soulful Greens Mamma Chia

True story: I drank down the Soulful Greens one so fast that I forgot I hadn’t taken a picture until afterwards. It was just that good.

Mamma Chia

Chia & Greens is about 120 calories (about the same if not less than those lattes I was sucking down every day) with 2500mg of Omega 3’s (the ONLY drink in the green category with this essential nutrient. Chia seeds are dope. Not really. That’s a slang term. Never mind. They are the richest plant-based source of Omega-3’s on the planet so, basically, they are really good), 7 grams of fiber (many green drinks have NONE), 4 grams of COMPLETE protein, 25% recommended daily allowance of vitamin A and 10% recommended daily allowance of calcium. Just like all Mamma Chia products, they are Non-GMO, gluten free, kosher, and USDA certified organic.

And, honestly, I like them. I know many of us are “funny acting” about texture and all. I’ve had some drinks with chia seeds in them that I just couldn’t stomach. Mamma Chia drinks go down smooth for me and I never have a problem with them. Soulful Greens was my favorite. Joyful Greens is my second. Joyful and soulful; two things I want to feel in my every day life.

Chia & Greens

I’d also like to add that I just love Mamma Chia as a company. Mamma Chia was born out of Janie Hoffman’s (founder and CEO) desire to better her own health after battling a series of autoimmune disorders and physical challenges. Just the other day on Instagram, I posted a quote Robin Roberts repeats over and over again in her book, that we’ve heard a thousand times but don’t think about until we see someone do it and it changes our life: “Let your mess become your message.” Committed to changing her health naturally made way for Mamma Chia to help others do the same. I also love that Mamma Chia is a conscious and sustainable company that donates 1% of all sales to support healthy, local food systems. I’m all about that.

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Here’s your chance to win your own Chia & Greens drinks and some Mamma Chia goodies! Tell me in the comments which Chia & Greens drink you’d most like to try! If you’re a social media person, follow Mamma Chia on Twitter and/or Instagram and leave a SEPARATE comment for each action you take! Winner will receive Chia & Greens drinks and a Mamma Chia prize pack. Winner will be announced, Wednesday, June 8th!

Good luck and go hydrate!

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    I want to try the Love greens!

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    I’d love to try the Cayenne and Lemon Juice one!

  19. Starla B says:

    Mama Chia has so many awesome products and I love that they are constantly creating new products. Me and you must be like twins because I want to try the Soulful Greens too! It sounds delicious!

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