Detox Day 4: Reprogramming Your Auto-Pilot by Jenn Hall

I’m not sure I should even discuss the last three days.

I wish this WAS about food.  It would probably be easier.  I would much rather give up chocolate than to deal with what I am facing.  Clearing up your emotional stuff is harder than daydreaming about dark chocolate almond clusters. My brain is all over the place.  I need some reprogramming, for sure.

Jenn Hall

I’ve known Jenn Hall for years.  This is not the time to go into her extensive background as a former professional dancer, Reebok expert contributor and creator of DNCE Fitness.  This is the time to say she is a dear friend and I asked her to share because I trust what she has to say.  I hope it helps.  It helped me.

Reprogramming Your Auto-Pilot
Jenn Hall

Think back to when you first learned to drive. You double checked the seatbelt and the mirrors, were extra careful to use your turn signal and constantly evaluated your surroundings. Your conscious mind was fully engaged in the process, determining each action. Consider how you drive now…talking on the phone, perhaps eating and thinking about a bunch of other things that have nothing to do with driving. Once you arrive at your destination, you may not even be sure how you got there.

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With practice, driving became a task completed by your unconscious mind just like brushing your teeth, feeling fear when you are in danger and breathing. Your unconscious mind is responsible for reacting- think of it as automatic pilot. Just like an airplane’s automatic pilot, the unconscious mind must be programmed. In order to apply the best program, you must understand how the autopilot works.
Your autopilot does NOT “hear” words instead it “sees” pictures. For example if I think to myself “I don’t want to eat processed foods”, my unconscious mind completely skips over the “don’t” as it cannot process negatives and immediately pictures “eating processed food”, for fun let’s call it a chocolate mint protein bar. Now if I am determined not to eat chocolate mint protein bars and I keep repeating this in my head, I will keep seeing this chocolate mint protein bar until I eat it (or the whole box ☺).

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However, if I said to myself “I want to eat natural, healthy food”, my unconscious mind pictures vegetables, fruits, eggs and lean meat. If I keep saying that to myself, and my mind keeps picturing it that is what I will eat. So the first step to reprogramming your autopilot is redefining your goals into pictures that your unconscious mind can turn into your desired reaction.

For example:

“I want to quit smoking “ – your brain sees you smoking – no good! Instead think: “I want to be a clean air breather”.

“I want to lose weight” – your brain sees you gaining weight- oh no! Instead think: “I want to be healthy”

“I want to end this destructive relationship” – your brain sees destruction- ugh! Instead think: “I want to have healthy relationships”

“I want to stop biting my nails” – your brain sees you biting your nails- ick! Instead think: “I want to have long beautiful nails”

Reprograming your autopilot will help you reach your goals, as doing the tasks required to get there will become unconscious. You will need to practice and redefine your goals to yourself every day and the very BEST way to do so is to “write the story” as if you have already achieved your goal (s) using as many sensory words as possible. You will write in present tense like “I have long beautiful nails”, and express that is terms of what is looks like “the manicurist is painting them bright pink like the sunset sky”, smells like “I smell the nail polish”, tastes like “I taste the acidic flavor of the polish”, sounds like “I hear the hum of the polish dryer nearby”, feels like “ I feel the smooth surface of my long nails against the table”. The more detail you add the better as your autopilot needs to see the picture, daily and in detail. Try writing this way every morning first thing and see how much you unconsciously change by the end of the week.

Hey- you CAN do this and IT WORKS!

If this kind of information interests you (it fascinates me!), check out Neuro Linguistic Programming here and this article about the unconscious mind.

You can find Jenn on Instagram and Twitter at @talktojennhall or her websites at and

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  1. Candi says:

    Wow! This is powerful reprogramming! I want this in my life!