Detox Day 11: Retirement

I’m working on yet another Zumba playlist, early on a  Saturday morning, trying to look for new music without curse words and offensive lyrics with a good beat and create choreography with moves that are fun, easy to learn, not too repetitive and can be entertaining and appropriate for ages 8-80, all shapes, ages, colors and fitness levels.

Zumba Huntsville

It is as exhausting as that run on sentence.

Since this detox process has begun, I have been thinking about what I can and cannot live without and how I can be at my happiest with the least amount the stress.  The discussion of hanging up my Zumba shoes has come up more than once.  After people get through laughing at me, they look at me when my expression doesn’t change and say, “Are you serious?”

Yes.  I’m serious.


I love Zumba.  I love teaching people.  I love to dance.  It is NOT an easy job.  It would be easy if I went in with my own agenda, let the class be all about me, let people just get in where they fit in and left.  I have NEVER been able to do that. I was out dancing until after 1:00 a.m. this morning and I had a great time getting my salsa and bachata on but I could NEVER go teach a Zumba class the way I go at it on the dance floor. I have a deep love for house music. I like Drake. And J. Cole.  I like Rihanna.  I even like a Beyonce song or two when I’m in my car.  Alone.  I canNOT play those out loud in a gymnasium when I have a room that could include small children and spend 45 minutes doing body rolls. I like foot work and playing with the music.  I like jumping up and down.  I like turning over and over and over again. I cannot do that for an hour and expect a person who hasn’t worked out in ten years to follow me.

But the person who is there every week wants me to cater the class to them.

And so do the seniors in the back.

And so do the people who love merengue.

And the Bey-hive.

And the college students.

And the Michael Jackson lovers.

And the people who see me at the latin socials.

And the ones who want to burn the most calories.

And spending two hours on a class before I even get to the gym EVERY week is making me wonder if my time is up and if it’s time to do something else.

When your flow is off, when the energy feels stagnant, when you feel stressed about something you used to love, is it the actual “thing” or the way you think about it?


Off to class I go.

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