I Needed a Day: Detox Ready

So, I was supposed to share with you about this detox yesterday….

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I needed another day. I had some stuff I needed to get rid of last night or at least start the process.

That’s what the entire detox thing is about; the process.



I won’t waste your time.  I’m 40 years old and I have picked up quite a bit of “stuff” in my lifetime.  21 days is not nearly enough for me to get rid of it.  However, if I don’t start, it’ll keep accumulating and my piles will get bigger and heavier….sort of like the mess that has accumulated in the trunk of my car.  I know someone reading this can relate. (Just hi-five the computer screen.  It’s all good. We are in this together). I’ve been dancing between taking a match to my whole life and having an Angela Bassett moment and starting over (but I have some cute clothes I want to keep), pouring coconut oil over it (because coconut oil is the cure to everything) or just lying out in the floor and screaming until God “fixes” it.  I chose door #4.

Go piece by piece and do my work.

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When I’ve thought “detox” in the past like most people, I’ve thought “get rid of the “toxins” in my body, give my digestive system a rest, let my skin clear up, maybe lose a few pounds, drink some water and so on. When I went to write a list of all the things I needed to get from the grocery store to get myself together, I was taken aback by what came from my pen.  Can I just tell you it wasn’t lemons and apple cider vinegar?

Anger. Envy. Unbelief. Doubt. Bloating. Lack of appetite. Lack of follow through. Distrust. Low energy. Debt. Anxiety. Fear. 

Where did THAT come from and how was I going to buy something from Sprouts that was going to help me with THAT?

I wasn’t.  And we needed to stop believing that some supplement on a shelf is going to help us get behind the real issue. We can drink all the maple syrup and cayenne pepper we want but if we need a reset in some other place, we’ll be right back where we started in a week. I’m tired of that.  This is for other people who are tired of that too and are ready to take a step in a different direction.

I have decided to host the U 2 Point 0 Detox Group starting June 1st and running through June 21st.  This is not an end to all of your issues.  This is the beginning, an upgrade, you clearing the way for the next step to where you want to be. Included for this group will be two group calls, our kick off call Tuesday, May 31st,  our check in call Sunday June 12th and our wrap up/next steps call on June 21st.  (Calls will be recorded for those enrolled).  We will be working on detoxing our physical space, our bodies and then our minds.  In addition to a private Facebook group, there will also be daily emails and assignments to keep on us track on how to “unpack.”

If you have ever been a part of any group I have ever hosted or moderated then you know I am BIG on support and NOT big on just putting things into the atmosphere to take up space.  This process is what you make it.  As we approach yet another change in seasons, I think this is the best time to work on a change in perspective, to be open to what may be coming our way and to have the space to accept it.

The investment for the 21 day group is $49 and spaces are limited.  You may sign up for the group by clicking here:

If you have additional questions, please feel free to email me at hiphealthychick@gmail.com.


In the meantime, as content for the group keeps coming to surface, whether you choose to participate in the group or not, be open to the things that are cluttering your space and how they could be stopping you from getting to the next level.  The answer isn’t always to limit your gluten and caffeine.  It could be deeper. Much deeper.

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