Only If You Do It….

I spend WAY too much time thinking.

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I’m thinking right now.  I’m thinking about a million things and it is driving me nuts.

I spend most of my days, thinking, thinking and more thinking.

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In between that thinking, I don’t get a lot of  “doing” done.

I have a long “to-do” list like everyone else.  I make it to the grocery store and do laundry on occasion. I train my clients.  I teach my classes.  I make it into the shower every night.  I read. I look at a lot of pictures on Instagram. I do a lot of  “planning.”

You know what planning looks like, right? It’s having several board on Pinterest with things you are never going to get around to, magazines stacked up to the ceiling with all of these wonderful workout ideas that you know would work just the way you need them to and a list of blog post ideas that make your eyes sparkles.

Lists. Lists. Lists. Thoughts. Thoughts. Thoughts.


When do we get out of the planning phase and into action?

Workouts, even the best, most creative ones ONLY WORK if we DO them.

Meals with the most balanced micros are only healthy if we EAT them.

Quotes and sayings are only effective if we LIVE them.

When do we jump off of our phones, out of our apps and planners and into our lives?

Trust yourself and go for it.  You’ve planned enough.  It will only work if you do it.


It’s time to live!


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