Why Now? 

Why now?




I have found myself in and out of consciousness for the past two days asking myself this question. Doesn’t the world know that January is just NOT the time to be playing with my life? One year a major snow storm, another year trying to balance my kids while my husband was in Norway, another year, I had the flu AND and pneumonia and now THIS?!?!? Are you kidding me?!?!?!?

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Ain’t nobody got time for this.

But I feel pulled into it, like I’m being told something. I’ve been running around here like Wonder Woman for two weeks and I have been stopped dead in my tracks. Now the question becomes, “Tasha, what are you going to do?” Because what I do next doesn’t just affect me. It affects everyone around me. So here’s what I decided…..

I’m going to get up.


I am so human and this is the story of our human lives. This applies to our work life, our parenting life, our fitness life, our healthy eating life. Things happen because we are human. But we can’t change anything or move forward lying on the ground acting helpless. Helpless, we are not. I keep thinking about how many times I’ve faced the WORST case scenario. There were times I thought I was better off dead. There were times I thought I’d never leave my bed. There were times that I thought I’d never sleep another night because of anxiety attacks. And yet I’m still here. What that means is when you decide to fight back (and there are many forms of fighting), you will discover strength you never knew you had. I didn’t realize how strong I was until I woke up yesterday and realized I was still breathing and able to put my feet down on the ground and say, “Now what?”


A friend told me on Thursday, “You are the strongest woman I know.” I spent way too long trying to debate in my head why I wasn’t that strong because, at the moment, I felt so weak. But strong is showing up. I may not win everything but I’m going to SHOW UP. That’s with my weight, with the classes I teach, with my family, with whatever situation I find myself involved in, publically or privately. I will NOT go hide in a corner and say I can’t. Even if it turns out that I can’t, I will go down trying. And then I will get back up and try something else.

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You are strong. Whatever battles you are facing, when life hits you when you feel like you’ve hit your groove, know that you can handle it. Never give up because you’ve been asked to take an alternate route. Believe that it is for the good, be open to the lessons, pray, prepare and proceed. What you don’t have time for is the pity party that will seem so easy.

Live life even if you’re asking, “Why now?” 

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2 Responses to Why Now? 

  1. Sharetta says:

    Yes ma’am!!!!!

  2. I love this:
    “Even if it turns out that I can’t. I’ll go down trying.”

    Keep on keeping on Tasha! You have a lot of people cheering for you. I know, cause I’m one of em.