When No Means Yes….

In less than twenty four hours, I found out that I had been named a Polar Ambassador for 2016…..

Polar Ambassador


and told I was unqualified by another company I’ve wanted to represent for over a year.

That’s important to say because people see your accomplishments and think your life is a bunch of successes and wins and always getting what you want.

The truth is my real success is because I make EVERY no a yes.

Zumba Huntsville


People see pictures of me teaching a class of 175 people (which only happened once) and think that’s my every day thing. I can’t tell you how many times (just even in the last four or five months) I’ve taught classes with less than ten people in them, sometimes one or two people. For every company you see me working with, I have been turned by at least four times as many. For every client you see me training in the gym, ten times as many decided I wasn’t a good fit for them. For every pound I’ve lost, I’ve probably gained it back at least three times and I don’t get to say, “Well, I did it. I won. No more needing to work on staying in shape.” Nope. Those pounds like it here and they want to move in and bring their relatives. But I digress…..

Photo May 19, 7 31 56 AM (1)

I’ve worked with YouFit gym.


I’ve worked with Bosu.ActivMotion Bar

I’ve worked with ActivMotion Bar.

There are probably thirty other companies that I didn’t work with during this time frame.


In EVERY situation, I had to say, “Yes!” Yes, I will keep going. Yes, I believe in myself. Yes, I’m going to go back there. Yes, this sucks but yes, it always worth it to do my best. When you keep saying “yes” and live in that space, “no” no longer sounds like a death sentence. “No” sounds like “not yet,” “not there,” “try this,” “never was supposed to be,” “consider yourself saved,” “try again,” “work harder,” or “aim higher.” 

When I am told no, it is always the opportunity for me to dig deep, check my motives, check my goals, check my work and check my perspective. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought God created the word no to save me from myself.

Photo Aug 04, 8 44 55 PM

No simply means yes to something else and, in my case and often, it’s always something bigger and better. Be patient. Work hard. Be open to the possibilities.

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5 Responses to When No Means Yes….

  1. Thanks for being real, Tasha! This is something that I’m starting to see more and more with people. We live in such a social media driven world that people are developing disorders because they think everyone else’s life is butterflies and rainbows all the time and their life doesn’t compare. This is also a great lesson for our children. I’m a mother that can’t stand that we’ve become an “Everybody gets a trophy” society. It doesn’t teach our children that it is okay to fail. Failure breeds Success! It’s those No’s we work harder to turn into Yes’s. Thanks for sharing your slice of reality!

  2. Amber B says:

    I love this 🙂 It’s so important to remember about ourselves, and others, that success takes time and sometimes doesn’t look how we think it will. Success IS pushing forward. You can accomplish so much more when you focus on what is working rather than what isn’t. I aspire to see “no” differently – not meant to be, not yet, etc. Thanks for this.

  3. Vilmaris Conigliaro says:

    Awesome. People do forget the struggles when they see your success. It isn’t just handed to you you work hard for it