Revisiting Your Resolutions

Tomorrow is the last day of January.

Is anybody else wondering where the time went?

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2016 was supposed to be a big year for me, clarity, focus and a clear path to my end goal. Those who are close to me were amazed and excited about the choices and changes I had made and we were all pushing each other forward because this was it. Out of tragedy, triumph was emerging.

And then my world fell apart. Again. 

I’m not sure what happens to you when you are stressed but this time around, I stopped eating, didn’t leave the house (barely left my bed for days) wouldn’t answer my phone and had no energy. I just wanted to add that is all counter productive to ANY goals I had set for myself as I am self-employed, work as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, had some health issues I needed to be focused on and some business outside of my bed that needed my attention. And eating and having energy is always helpful for functioning.


What do you do when you are SO CLEAR and then you are pushed right off the ledge?

The moment you realize you are still breathing, you get back up, start walking back to the bottom of the mountain and begin climbing again.

We are so quick to give up. If we don’t lose five pounds after our first workout, we’ll swear it didn’t work. If we lose ten pounds on some weight loss gimmick and then gain it back (side effect of using gimmicks) we are discouraged and decide it’s just our fate to be “big-boned” (in quotes because you know there is no such thing, right?) and we quit. The sooner we realize that setbacks are just another opportunity to revisit our commitment what we say we really want, the quicker we can regroup if we have to take a detour.


The more challenges I face, the more determined I become to not let them stop me. I won’t lie, I.Am.Exhausted. The challenges and fighting back got the best of me this week and I had to sleep more than I normally would but I wasn’t in bed because I felt defeated. I was in bed because I was being recharged to go out and do what I do!!!!!!

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If you are feeling like the resolutions  you set for  yourself kicked your butt and you are over it, take a moment and regroup. You may not have a masterpiece yet but each small stroke you take, even the ones on accident, even when you are backtracking, are creating something beautiful. Don’t give up. If you have breath, you have time.

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