#MondayMotivation: Getting By or Getting Fit

It’s not hard for me to get in exercise.



I do it for a living.

I work hard because I want to work hard.


Because I want it.

Here’s the thing: I could teach my classes and train my clients “just enough” where they understood what I was saying. My job isn’t to bust a sweat, make my calorie burn higher than it was the day before, go deeper in my squats than I had the week before, run laps or do push-ups. I can motivate people without doing ANY of that.

I know. I’ve done it.

But there is something about wanting MORE that will change your fitness game…..

…..and change your life.

I know people who walk on the treadmill for an hour just to say they’ve worked out for an hour. I know people who will NOT work out with other people because they like doing the minimum behind closed doors and lying about doing the maximum. I know people who hire personal trainers and DON’T want to work hard. What they want is a check mark in their mind saying, “I did that.”

before after hip healthy chick

But you don’t get results that way. Not now. Not ever. You may not get worse but you will NEVER get better. When did we get ok with just getting by?

photo 1

“I” am not ok with just “doing life.” I want to BE life. I want better. I want to become more fit because I know I can be. I want to work on my eating habits because I KNOW I can do better. I want to work harder because I KNOW I haven’t pushed to my full capacity yet. That’s what this process is. This is bigger than 21 day challenges, nice workout clothes, Groupons, shakes and resolutions. It’s just the second week of January and people are already back to do the minimum.


But you and me….we don’t have to just be “some people.” Later for just getting by. Give me a fist bump. Here’s to getting it in EVERY day and EVERY way. Let’s do this!


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