Three Things To Leave Behind In 2015


“New Year. New You.”

That’s only true if you do something new.

For lots of us (myself included), the New Year needs to bring about more change than vowing to lift more weights and eat more spinach.

We just need to let some things go.

Here are three things I think we really need to leave behind in 2015:

  1. Comparison
  2. Shame
  3. Pity Parties

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Teddy Roosevelt said it best. Comparison isn’t just a a thief. It’s a KILLER. Realizing that we are TRULY only one of a kind is not only a super power but a life saver. Real talk: we don’t know everyone’s WHOLE story. While we are being miserable basing our self-worth on what another person has or how they look, the process of obtaining it could have than we could have or were willing to handle. And the truth of the matter is if you want slimmer thighs like so and so, adjust your goals and focus instead of wishing you were them. Aim to be the best YOU.

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Basically, it happened. To live in the shadow of shame is like carrying the weight of everything and everyone of every situation you wish hadn’t happened on your back. That gets heavy. Living in the shame of our past keeps is from being able to use the lesson for good in the present. It also keeps us from getting the help we need if we are currently in the situation. I can think of ten things (quickly) in my life that have caused me to crouch in a corner and not want anyone to know. It was a mental prison. Putting up fronts takes work. When I started to speak of my experiences in those situations or speak out and ask for help, not only did my perspective change, my life changed and I helped changed someone else’s life by speaking up.

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I get it. Facebook helps you “vent.” But, seriously, we need to get a grip. Now let me say, for the record, I have three or four friends that I will lay ALL of my business, feelings and emotions into their laps. They let me get it out but they DON’T let me stay there. Staying in the “woe is me” mindset keeps you stuck. I find that a lot of this comes with a sense of “entitlement.” We feel like we deserved something or deserved to be treated some type of way and when it doesn’t happen, we cry foul and want the world to feel sorry for us until we get what we want. 2016 is basically about GROWING UP. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred. While we are spending time whining over what “should” have been, we could have been using that energy to  work towards what “could be.” The time for sitting down and begging for sympathy is over. We have got to get moving.

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It’s time to get into action. You don’t have to stay on the bench. Life is an a ride game. Suit up. 2016 is going to be amazing!

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