Purpose Over Perception: The One Month Mark

These have been thirty two of the HARDEST days of my life.

If you know my son and I, you know we had a testimony LONG before November 12th. I started to share some of that and had to think about what I was going to type. In the past month, I’ve realized that people are looking for ANYTHING to keep the conversation going about what they “heard” about him. Or me. And the truth is we are o.k. with what we’ve been through because it didn’t break us. Our lives are different but we’re not dead.

In fact, we are very much alive.

It is such a blessing to be able to slow down and see life in slow motion. Honestly, there are still days that I feel like I haven’t completely processed what happened but I am processing what to respond to and how to use my energy. My body has taken a beating under the stress but, well, I have my son. I will get over this bronchitis. I will lose the weight. My sleep will regulate again. He will run hurdles again. He will finish his senior year.

We are very much alive.

People (me included) often say, “If that would have been me, I would have done, etc.” Let me go ahead and assure you, unless you get a call saying your child has been shot, you don’t know what you would do. It’s not a scenario I ever imagined nor one I could have prepared for even if I had tried. As I’ve said before, none of are safe or immune from tragedy. The question I ask myself (and my son) every day is, “What do you do with it from here?”

We’ve grown up A LOT in the past month. I’m taking everything I’ve learned and applying it to my whole life. I thank God for trusting me to raise such an amazing young man and holding me up while we walk through this season.

Love more. Believe more. Live simple.

We are very much alive.

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6 Responses to Purpose Over Perception: The One Month Mark

  1. Satonya says:

    I love it!!! Thanks for all the support!!!

  2. Jamie King says:

    So much love to you and your family Tasha! XOXO

  3. Nikki Goode says:

    You are amazing! Hugs to you and your son!