Getting Real About Getting To The Gym


Real talk: If there were a category called “Most Likely To NOT Want to Go To The Gym” I SWEAR I would win right now.


Apparently, I appreciate the gym and working out or I wouldn’t have chosen personal training and group fitness as my profession but I promise you, it’s like tug-o-war over here. It’s been that way A LOT this year. One day my spirit is SUPER willing and my hips, knees and Achilles are like, “Woman, grab you some Alleve and sit down somewhere!” The next day my body is feeling o.k. and then I get into my feelings about something, ANYTHING (“I should probably be grocery shopping. I wish I had my 16 year old body back. This was easier when I was 30. If I went grocery shopping right now I could have that cupcake I wanted last night. UGH! I don’t need that cupcake. This is why I need to go to the gym. When I leave the gym I’m STILL going to be thinking about that cupcake. Is it raining outside? Who’s on Instagram?”) and the next thing you know I just “don’t make it.”

This is why I do what I do. 

I, personally, know more women like me than I know women who are constantly inspired, looking for and pinning workouts they are actually going to do, buying products they actually understand and are going to use for more than a week and live to go to the gym seven days a week and are putting in WORK and spending 90% of their time socializing and taking selfies. Workouts, recipes and pinnable images are fantastic (By the way, I have an impressive Pinterest page FULL of stuff I have NEVER tried). But how do we get through the doors of our bedroom, out of the doors of our homes and into the doors of the gym? This is where my focus is, for me and my coaching/training practice.  Squats work wonders and cardio is awesome but we have to get out of the bed first.

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It takes more, from us as people who want to change and us as people who feel like we are responsible for people’s change. We both have some distorted thinking to correct.

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If ANYONE could have been motivated to lose a hundred pounds (slight exaggeration but you know what I mean) this year, it would have been me. I met Jillian Michaels, Jeannette Jenkins and Bob Harper this summer (and I don’t mean “saw them from a  distance.” I mean MET them). I spent almost two days with Jamie Eason just a month ago. If THAT’s not motivation then I don’t know what is.

Well, it wasn’t. Bob is awesome and charming but I swear the next week I was back in the bed having a “come to Jesus” with myself about going to the gym.

And I do know what motivation is….for me.

Lots of us have just been looking in the wrong places. We want someone else to do the work for us. If we could, we’d pay someone else to stand beside our bed and cheer us on (or yank us up) to go to the gym because “it’s the right thing to do.” The reason we don’t stick with it is because we aren’t convinced that it is. We want to force ourselves to do something based on someone else’s beliefs.  Why do YOU think it’s the best thing for YOU? There is a history of heart disease, diabetes and obesity in my family.  I will not forget that I used to weigh 232 pounds and what that felt like.  I have had surgery on my knee and achilles.  I have arthritis in my neck. I want to be able to dance until I’m 100.  I want to be active with my children and grandchildren.  THAT will get me out of bed. Looking at two hundred pictures of people on social media with their shirts lifted up showing off their abs doesn’t do it for me.  I have enough stretch marks to cover North America and excess skin I cannot control.  How would I be inspired by that?  My kids challenging me to a pull-up contest and making it their goal to beat me? Well……. 🙂 The idea of being a healthy role model for them rocks my world.  And I haven’t beat my son yet. And my daughter is catching up to me.  Yeah, it’s time for me to get out of the bed.


The reason personal trainers (this one anyway) have gotten so burned out is because we spend too much time trying to CONVINCE people what their reasons SHOULD be when they don’t want to be convinced. They want to be carried. You can’t carry someone off to change. If looking at a picture of me and Bob didn’t send me running to Cross Fit, it’s not going to happen. 😊

To get out of bed, I had to find a reason. To want to change, I had to find a reason. That reason had to override my desire to fight against it. It’s DESIRE, not discipline. If you don’t want cavities or bad breath, you get up and brush your teeth and floss. That’s not discipline. That’s life. We choose how we live our lives. You can call it what you want. I’m not downplaying injury or depression (I’ve had my share of both). I AM saying that when presented with a choice, we have to decide to put one foot down on the ground and move forward or surrender one foot into the grave and give up.  It’s HARD. It’s SUPER hard. And because I know, I spend a lot of time here with people coaching them on making the best decisions for them.  I don’t need people to show up to the gym and please me.  We can hang out at Starbucks. Show up for yourself.  If you get there by your own desire then we can road trip to the next destination.  Forcing a person to do burpees who has NO IDEA why they want to change or aren’t even convinced that they want to change often leads to dead ends.


I want my change.  It’s bigger than weight.  It’s bigger than pictures.  I want to coach others as they navigate their way through change.

With THAT being said, out of the bed I go.

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3 Responses to Getting Real About Getting To The Gym

  1. Judy C says:

    I just found your website – and LOVED your post about getting motivated to work out <3

  2. Shalama says:

    I’m sorry there are days that you feel the weight and pressure of others that are not willing to do what they say they want to do. You are a great motivator and inspiration. I’ll continue to send positive vibes your way. Stay strong.