What Do You Get A Fitness Enthusiast For Christmas?


People say I’m hard I’m a hard person to shop for during the holidays. I think I’m the EASIEST person in the world to shop for because I am a creature of habit, I like what I like, everyone knows my interests and they are all super simple. I think we, as people, tend to make things complicated. People can’t believe that I’m not interested in a $300 sweater and that what I REALLY want only costs $15.00.

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Now if someone WANTS to buy me that blue convertible BMW I won’t give it back but, for the most, I like practical, useful gifts. And so do the fitness enthusiasts in your life. Fitness is rewarding but there are A LOT of things to want and need and like. If you are a trainer or instructor, things can add up real quick.

Here’s my easy go-to list of sure to be well-received gifts you could give to a fitness enthusiast:

1) If it’s a woman, black workout pants: Yes, we have a million pair but we need a million more. Bonus points if they are compression. If you have no idea what size to buy, don’t end up in the doghouse by buying a size too big. Either go through their laundry and find their size (AND brand) or just buy them a gift card. Be safe, Friends. 😊

ActivMotion Bar

2) A pair of earbuds: We ALL need three pair; one to keep in our gym bag, one to keep in the car and one extra because we are going to lose a pair. Nothing will make us more angry than getting ready to hop up on that elliptical and realize we can’t play our music. I will admit that I’ve left the gym without working out because of that. Necessity.

3) A great pair of socks: A few years ago one of my clients asks all of her family members for Balega socks for Christmas.  I thought she was CRAZY…..until I upgraded. When our feet don’t hurt it will change our LIFE!!!! Balega happens to be my brand of choice but I like Injiji too.  Don’t freak out when you find out they are $12.00 a pair.  For us, they are worth EVERY dollar.  We will be SUPER happy to open up a package and see these in there.

4) A cute, reusable water bottle:  All of us have the intention to drink a gallon of water a day.  Most of us don’t like carrying around an unattractive gallon jug.  That also gets expensive….and heavy.  I, personally, have had a MILLION water bottles but if they weren’t cute I just stopped using them. I probably need two or three of them; one for my nightstand, one for my gym bag, one for when I can’t find my gym bag and one for the car. Having one with a filter is a plus.

5) A gift card to a store that sells supplements and sweet potatoes: This will make the paleo and vegan crowd excited.  We need our veggies and we need our protein powder.  We need our vitamins, our seaweed, our salmon, our kombucha and our pink himalayan sea salt.  We know you don’t understand.  That’s why the gift card is easier.

6.) An ITunes Card: We like music and we like apps with filters for our gym selfies.  It’s also helpful if you are a person like me who often listens to books as a way to encourage me to stay on that stair climber just a little bit longer.

7.) Bob Harper to come work out with us for a month.  I mean, go big or go home.

Bob Harper


The truth of the matter what a fitness enthusiast wants most is for you to support their lifestyle.  It’s THIS thought that is the best gift of all.

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