25 Reasons Why My Life ROCKED This Year

This has not been the best season of my life.

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I thought my son’s 18th birthday would be the crescendo to a decent year. I have always been very open about my struggles during the fall months straight through Christmas. One too many life altering events have happened during this time and the memories are overwhelming.

November 12, 2015 will go down as one of the worst days of my life.

As my son recovers, we are both seeking “the bright side” (one of his favorite phrases). We appreciate the small things. We appreciate the simple things. We appreciate ALL things.

And then I started thinking…..I’ve had some low moments this year but 2015 kind of rocked and I need to keep that in perspective. My life isn’t all bad. Being grateful has helped me get up out of bed a lot of mornings lately so I decided to share 25 reasons why my life rocked this year (and they are in no particular order, well, except the first one).

1) My son lived. Self explanatory.


2) I went to Vegas for the first and got to perform at the Las Vegas Salsa Congress.

3) I was invited by The Bell Institute at General Mills to come hang out with them in Minneapolis (my first time there). I came home with a picture of the club in Purple Rain which was right outside of my hotel room AND my face on a Wheaties box.

Tasha Edwards Wheaties

4) I was privileged enough to share and speak at both FitBloggin in Denver (my first time there!) and Blog Fest in Los Angeles.

FitBloggin 2015

5) I worked out with Gabby Reece, Beto Perez and Cathe Friedrich, had wine while chatting with Bob Harper, listened to Jillian Michaels talk about her kids instead of asking for a picture and hung out in Jamie Eason‘s room and chatted it up.

6) I turned 40 and didn’t freak out (that would be a reference to the mid-life crisis I had at 30).


7) I walked away from what would be considered a dream for most because God told me to and I never looked back and have no regrets.

8) This is the first time I have paid my tithes all year. In two weeks, I will have completely read the entire Bible this year.

9) I went to three Latin dance festivals this year (have I mentioned how much I LOVE bachata?!??)


10)  I became an ambassador for NOW Foods and Love Grown Foods.

11) Both of my kids found their way back to the A/B Honor Roll.

12) My grandmothers (both still alive) turned 80 and 83.  My parents (both still alive) celebrated 43 years of marriage and are now both in their sixties.  I am thankful for longevity and the privilege of still being able to receive knowledge from them.

13) I just had to step on the scale for my DietBet challenge and didn’t die when I saw the number.  I know what’s going on in my life.  I’m not careless.  I’m human.  I know what to do.  And it’s just a number.  I mean, well, see #1.

14) I got to watch my daughter start playing volleyball, something she’s wanted to do for a while.

Photo Feb 03, 7 52 02 PM

15) I haven’t had any surgeries or seizures all year.

16) The team at Vega got together and sent me over 100 of their personal favorite dance tracks to inspire me to keep going. #bestlifeproject

17) I learned that letting go can be healthy and it’s o.k. if your circle gets smaller.  In my case, this has worked out REALLY well.

18) I have made improvements in my attitude.  I have wanted to punch and curse out (just keeping it real) at least three people a day since November 12th.  Keeping my peace has definitely help me keep my sanity.  I just need my energy for other things.  I am guilty of having small temper tantrums in the privacy of my car.  God is still working on me.

19) I watched my son qualify for the state championships in track. I missed so many of his meets but I didn’t miss THAT one.

20) I became a Lebert Master Trainer (I got re-certified in LeBarre, got certified in LeBoot and LeHiiT), Cize, Connected Warriors yoga, and Les Mills Grit this year.  Sunday, I’m adding LeClubGrUve to the mix.  I’m an education junkie.

lebert fitness


21) I visited my mother’s birthplace (Sunflower, MS) for the first time.

22) My prayer life has definitely increased.  That increased my faith.

23) My daughter and I took a marksman course together.  She was eleven at the time and yes, she was better than me.

24) I took gymnastics lessons and ballet classes, because I wanted to.

Photo Aug 04, 8 44 55 PM

25) I know that my story is still being written and God still has a plan for me.


And I need to remind myself of this because moments come and go lately where I feel like I am THE unluckiest person in the world.  NOTHING is ALL bad.  I could have kept writing this list.  It’s about perspective.  Because I’m working on mine, in spite of what we are going through, this year is going to be different.

There is a bright side.

How has your year rocked?

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7 Responses to 25 Reasons Why My Life ROCKED This Year

  1. Paula Link says:

    Tasha! If you only knew what an inspiration you have been to me during the Monday night Zumba classes and now I am doubly blessed and inspired as I read your blogs! December is always a very sad and depressing month for me and has been for many years. My dad was murdered 12/15/94 and it’s like a dark heavy cloud that hangs over my head each year…until this year! Your positive and encouraging post have made me take a reflective look at my thoughts and attitude and decide after 21 years it’s time to make a change.

    It is my goal and aspiration to get this old body into shape…mentally and physically! I pray you continue to post about your journey and share your amazing love for our Lord! If you ever wonder if you’re making a difference…trust me you are making a major impact on so many!!! Sending hugs, prayers, and love to you!!!

  2. Laura says:

    Oh my gosh, #17! I have let go of some seriously negative people from my life over the past 2 years. One of them was what I considered at the time a very, very good, long-time friend. As it turns out I am MUCH better without this person in my life. Learning to let go of negativity and not feel responsible for changing other people has been so freeing. I only need to focus on how I can improve MYSELF! What a novel concept! I am still here for my friends and family and support them of course but I don’t feel like I have to carry THEIR burdens on top of my own.

    I am very excited your daughter is playing volleyball! I loved the years that I played.

    Tasha, thank you for sharing yourself with us. There are many times when I read something you’ve written and it’s like a light goes off in my head. Love you. Be blessed!

    • HipHealthyChick says:

      Love YOU, Sister. Thanks for sharing that. We are trying to process this thing called life the best way we can. Every little bit of insight helps. ❤️

  3. Haley says:

    It sounds to me that you have quite a bit to be thankful for. Those are some pretty special reasons why your life rocked. I don’t know what happened to your son, but I’m happy he’s still with you.
    It truly is all about perspective. and I think you have a pretty good one right now.

    Blessings to you.

  4. Wonderful list! You have so much to be blessed for. You, are an inspiration!
    With love, a fellow SPA!
    Happy Holidays!