Why I’m Doing A Three Day Juice Cleanse

As a person who has battled eating disorders, I am always VERY, VERY cautious, hesitant, resistant and somewhat afraid of ANYTHING called a “fast”‘or a “cleanse” that requires me to go without food. But when I KNOW it’s time to shift gears and it’s not about weight loss then I give myself plenty of time to prepare my mind for what my body and soul need.

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It is time.

This weekend, I’m enlisted the help of Juice Bar Huntsville (if you are on my Instagram then you KNOW it’s one of my favorite spots ever) to go on a three day juice cleanse. And, let me just say, I thank God for them and it’s worth the money because I need the down time, I don’t want to do the dishes and when I am ready to drink, I need to just go grab it out of the fridge and not have to go get a knife and start cutting. I know my history. That’s when I start negotiating with myself as to why I need bread.

But why I am doing it?

I need a reset, physically and mentally.

The first reason is I have been under a lot of stress and my thoughts are all over the place. Because of my history, going without food is dangerous for me. However, this cleanse/fast assures that I won’t be out teaching fifty classes. I need some time to pray, journal and reflect and REALLY get my thought life in order. The stress is affecting every part of my life.

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The second reason is to build up my immune system. This forty degrees in the morning and eighty in the evening though… Add that to someone who is constantly outside after sweating and that’s a little much. I am also headed to some place that is going to be a little cooler next week (can’t WAIT to share with you where) and I just want my body to be prepared for the changes with enough vitamins from the fruits and vegetables.

The third reason would be my palate and my digestion. I went through a period of not eat or not eating well. The only things I had the taste for (true story) were avocados, dark chocolate almond clusters and soy sugar free vanilla lattes from Starbucks. I’m sure some of it was psychological (comfort food) but I could NOT force myself to eat the things I LOVED. I was able to get some juice from the Juice Bar Huntsville here and there but even that had started to taste different. I have also been advised to stay away from gluten for a while and most soy to see if it would help with some of my digestion issues. For now, my digestive system just needs a break.

Juice Bar Huntsville

I will be the FIRST to tell you that three days of drinking juice (or doing ANYTHING) will IN NO WAY cleanse ANYBODY of 40 years worth of stuff you have done to your body. This is a personal choice because I understand my personal body and circumstances. I would always recommend that you check with your doctor first if you plan on engaging on a cleanse. For my sake, I also plan to enlist some of my friends to cover me in prayer as I go into this time. I know we associate cleanse with body toxins but our minds need cleansing too.

And just so I don’t get caught up in it, I have chosen not to get on the scale before or after.

Juice Bar Huntsville

If you’re local and you’re interested in doing a cleanse and don’t know where to start or you’re like me and don’t want to do the dishes 😊, stop by and see Christy and the crew over off Airport Rd. (near Bonefish Grill) or in a few weeks at their new location in Madison on Hwy. 72 near the new Target shopping center.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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