#StockOptionTheMovie: What I Saw, Why You Should See It

I was once told by a friend that I’m not the “average movie goer.” I’d like to think I’m not the average anything but the above statement is super accurate. I will watch a movie and find the deep underlying meaning in the opening credits or  I’ll find meaning in it and apply it to every day life. I guess it’s  those sociology and psychology degrees.

Stock Option Swirl Films

So when I decided to head to Nashville a couple of weeks ago for the International Black Film Festival (which I love) to see the screening of The Swirl Group‘s new movie “Stock Option,” I was basically just going to see a movie.  While The Swirl Group (you know them if you’ve seen Love For Sale, Note To Self, He’s Mine, Not Yours, The Undershepherd) is run by people I know, I did no real research on the movie. I wanted to be surprised. I bought my ticket and sat down.

So, for the record, yes I am a health and wellness blogger and I’m talking about going to see a movie. Stay with me.

I saw a quote that read, “Don’t judge my story by the page you walked in on.” I often feel like that is the story of my life. When I was selling memberships at a gym, no one knew that I had two degrees and was formally the director of a nutrition education program. It just so happened that I had lost my house, my husband had lost his job and we had to move to another state with our two kids. A bad break can put any of us in a position we have not anticipated.


But it’s the fight in us. It’s the drive in us. And sometimes it’s the right people seeing the fire in us behind the garbage that surrounds us. When you feel inadequate (I spent years believing I was “less than” because I grew up in a housing project, wasn’t a size 2, was dark-skinned, the list goes on and on), you draw experiences that reinforce your beliefs. But when you believe “you are strong, you are mighty and even when the odds are against you, you will survive” (my absolute FAVORITE line from the movie), you open up space for life to happen, for life and people to love you. When you believe in yourself, people will love you anyway. Authenticity is a super sexy superpower.

Photo Oct 05, 8 43 31 PM

I got all of that out of a love story. 😊 I DID feel the love. Now back to my point…

The amazing thing is the person who was responsible for getting all of the music together for the movie, including writing one of the songs in the movie wasn’t a child prodigy. I remember when he worked at a music store. The star of the movie isn’t from Hollywood. She is from East Orange, NJ. The person who wrote the movie isn’t from L.A. He is from Englewood….like down the street from my grandmother’s house on the South Side of Chicago Englewood. The odds were against them. And they did more than survive. Why are any of us any different than you?

Stock Option The Movie

If rooting for the underdog doesn’t encourage you to watch this movie (which premiers on TVOne on Saturday, November 7th), then watch it because Amin Joseph has the most charming smile ever, Antonique Smith does a great job, Tasha Smith is just her amazing self and Mark Harris is the bomb writer (you’ve seen Black Coffee, right?) Be the non-average movie goer and think about if you’ve ever been down on your luck or been the person to help someone else who was down on their luck. Are you the person who passes judgement on people or are you the person who believes in the good and will give people the benefit of the doubt?

Or do you just like a great love story with some touching and funny moments that will have talking back to the television screen?

When I started snapping my fingers and giving my opinion OUT LOUD to people playing “roles” who couldn’t hear me inside that screen then I knew it was something good. 😊



You WILL survive.

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