My New Living Room Furniture: BOSU Sport Review #FitFamily

When I became a personal trainer, my son was seven years old and my daughter was about fifteen months old. While my daughter was just learning to navigate her way around, my son was ALL OVER THE PLACE. One of my biggest fears was how I was going to explain to the emergency room doctors that he had broken every bone in his body because he called himself “working out” with my equipment. As my daughter got older and more “adventurous,” I remember moving all of my equipment to the garage because I came home one day and they were diving over things and practicing their “training skills” on each other.

#BOSUStrong #FItFamily

They are now twelve (my daughter’s birthday is today!) and soon to be eighteen (my son’s birthday is November 12th) and I have now returned most of the equipment to the house, specifically the living room, specifically the Bosu and the Bosu Sport. Ownership is everything.

While my daughter is only two inches shorter than me, she has REALLY enjoyed having her own Bosu Sport, not just because of the pretty color (which she ADORES) but because she finds it easier to navigate exercises on it and can participate with me or her brother or her dad (depending on who she catches in the living room) while doing the same exercises. It’s hard being the little sister (a role I totally understand) and so having something belongs just to her and having it in the living room has really helped with her desire to practice things and exercise on her own and build her confidence because it makes her feel strong.

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Having both a Bosu and Bosu Sport has been great to spend time and hang out with my kids because they were always (well, mostly) willing to help me come up with new exercises and participate in the #BOSUStrong and #FitFamily challenge with my Sweat Pink family.

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My daughter loved more of the balance type moves (she’s a dancer) and my son was cool with the jumping and power moves (he runs track and is, well, a 17 year old boy).

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I really think a Bosu should be a part of everyone’s living room furniture.  🙂  My daughter has spent more time exercising and less time on her phone or watching television because of it.


If you are wondering whether you should buy one of these for your child, DON’T HESITATE!! Healthy habits start young.  While I don’t think either of my children will follow me into the personal training arena (you never know), it’s good to know I have given them space and opportunity to not only educate them on a healthy lifestyle and but I’ve made it fun!


You may not be a trainer and have NO IDEA what to do with this thing or know how to teach your child what to do but if you purchase a BOSU Sport and use the code BOSUSWEATPINK15, you will get the BOSU Sport-Kids DVD for FREE. Maybe then they can teach you. 🙂

You can also check out the hashtags #BOSUStrong and #FitFamily on Instagram and Twitter and check out some of the amazing families of #SweatPink and see what awesome exercises their families are doing!

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A #FitFamily ROCKS!!!!!!!


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BOSU.  As always, all opinions are truthful and are my own.

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