#TransformationTuesday: I’m Not An Overnight Success

……well, unless you consider eleven years “overnight.” And, honestly, I think I’ve been “successful” but I do not consider myself a success. Not yet.

Either way, I worked for it.

Photo Sep 08, 8 29 30 PMIn September of 2004, after losing my house (a string of unfortunate events back to back to back), my husband, my first grader and my 10 month old moved to Madison, Alabama. My husband’s family was here and he had a job. I had my children and my husband. I had been working part time at an herbs and vitamin store, studying to be a massage therapist and had went back to working as a nutrition education specialist at the job where I had been the boss before giving birth. I had to leave it all. I felt alone and useless.

I had been working out to lose the baby weight (I also had to leave my therapist as I had been suffering from post partum depression and anorexia) so I knew I wanted to join the gym. I loved my children but staying at home with them full time (especially since my husband moved to Alabama three weeks before I did) drove me insane. One day shortly after signing up for a membership, I found out they were hiring. I’d only be making enough to pay for my baby to go to day care part time, I’d be working thirteen hour days and I’d still be paying my gym membership.

In exchange for my sanity, I took the job.


I worked that sales desk for about seven months. It was four months before I pursued any type of certification. Yoga was my first, even though I was EXTREMELY discouraged from doing so. The next month, I got my personal training certification. A couple of months later, someone (thanks, Kelly!) taught me how to teach step. I bought every $.1 book I could get my hands on from EBay and taught myself. I read a lot. I asked a lot of questions.  I interacted with a lot of people. I took every experience I could afford. I understood not only how to teach a class but I understood the business of fitness and I understood what it was like to be on the other side of that desk, so desperately wanting and needing help to get my life in order and not knowing where to start.


I got it. And it got me here.

Fitness Magazine Article



I won’t lie. I know some people. But I will assure you, I didn’t meet them in Alabama. 😊 My entire career has been about taking risks; BIG risks; physical (I have a couple of injuries and surgeries), mental (I wish my therapist had moved with me) and definitely financial (let’s not discuss these credit card bills that I’m working on). Yet I wouldn’t exchange ANY of those experiences. I would have NEVER believed that I would be doing what I do now, still relevant, known by people other than my family and getting paid for it.


Eleven years of changes, growth, failure, victories, disappointment, learning, believing and overcoming.  It didn’t happen overnight but I can’t wait to wake up every day and see what’s next.

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