A Week of Looking Good: a @prAna Review

When I know I have a great outfit waiting for me to slip into, I have more motivation to get up at 4:00 a.m.

Everybody needs something, right?


I was chosen as one of a few Sweat Pink bloggers to receive a few items from prAna‘s fall catalog for the #7DayStretch challenge we just completed Sunday (which was great, by the way). That was like winning the lottery! 😊 I was first introduced to prAna when they were gracious enough to provide all of us Blog Fest Lighting Round speakers to wear while we gave our presentations.

Blog Fest Lightning Round


It was a good and bad thing. It was good because I looked and felt great but….

….bad because I have become even MORE of a clothing snob. 😊 I swear I wear these same pair of prAna pants (seen in this pictures and currently in the washing machine) three times a week. And they must make me look extra nice, curvy and firm from the back because EVERY time I wear them someone wants to talk to me about my squat routine. 🙂

But I digress.

prana clothing

This time I around I received three pair of pants (the Roxanne printed legging , the Maison legging and the lined Halle pants) and a shirt (the Sabin t-back top.)  Add that to the pair of capris and shirt I already had and last week was good week. What I like about prAna clothing is that they give me the feeling I want to have every day; soft, feminine and stylish with a little edge. I want to live my life that way.

I taught several different types of classes in prANa last week: pilates, yoga, Zumba and practiced LeBarre in them. I took a road trip in them. When it was too hot to wear my lined Halle pants and I was too tired to try to go out somewhere hiking, I put those pants on and marched myself outside. 😊

Photo Aug 30, 6 51 26 PM (2)

Because I am plentiful in the thigh area 😊, I went up a size in prAna and found them to be a comfortable fit. In the Halle Pants, I got my regular pant size. They “fit” in the thighs but felt great and I knew if I had went up a size it would have been too big in the waist. I know someone can relate. 😊


prAna has SUPER cute prints for their pants (all the rave now) and their tops have VERY cute backs. I started to feel obsessive because I wanted to take a selfie every time I got dressed. 😊 The quality is great as well. I found the material to be sturdy and I didn’t have any problems with a lot of “see through” (although I am a dark girl so keep that in mind).



I’m glad I was introduced to prAna through my Sweat Pink family and I’m sure I’ll be getting other things from them. I want the Mattea sweater. Jamie made it look super cute!Halle Pants
Do you have any prAna items? What’s your favorite? If you could pick one item from prAna to have (check their website here), what woulHalle Pantsd it be?

And……here’s a coupon code to get you started for 15% off!


This is valid until September 30th.

Happy Shopping and Styling!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by prAna. However, as always, all opinions are truthful and are my own.

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