Get Rid of It: A #TBT #Periscope

I was going through my phone this morning looking at the ridiculous number of pictures and videos I have.

Gabby Reece Blog Fest

But wow, I had an AMAZING summer.


But, privately, I had a hard summer  I struggled behind closed doors more than anyone could ever imagine.  I looked at all the pictures with the genuine smiles and I took a breath when I saw all of the pictures where I faked smiles.  Most people can’t tell the difference.


One Friday night while my family was at a football game, I started getting rid of stuff.  I went to Periscope and just chatted it up about my experience and finally came clean that I struggled during the summer. Periscope is GREAT for people like me who ramble and like to talk 🙂 but it’s cool because people only tune in if they want to hear it. And they can disconnect if they don’t.

Periscope videos only last 24 hours unless you save them.  I saved this one on my phone.  I’m glad I did.  It’s a perfect send off into fall and just what I needed to go forward today.  I hope it inspires someone.

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