Fun But Foolish: Is This The New Exercise Craze?

I can drop it like it’s hot with the best of them.


You just won’t see me doing it in my pilates  class.

It seems ridiculous that I would even put the two in the same sentence, that is, unless you are connected to ANY type of social media. Now with the capacity to broadcast ourselves any and everywhere and the added pressure to be the most popular with the most “likes,” combining “random” and “dangerous” with exercise is the new thing. I guess it’s all good……

Photo Aug 26, 4 18 17 PM

……until you get the physical therapy, chiropractic and/or surgery bill. I’ve had all three and I do not even consider myself to be the “adventure type” when it comes to group fitness. I can’t imagine what my body would be like if I followed the hype and did every “popular” workout or exercise instead of paying attention to what’s functional and useful for my body and stopping when it hurts.

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I, literally, cringe when people post and repost videos of “fun” group fitness activities that are not functional or safe. If I were not in group fitness, I’d be the FIRST one to jump up and down on something too high and too fast, bouncing up and down on my joints, tearing up my knees because, at one time, I was so desperate to lose weight. I’m a person who only needs her jam to play to get her going (Michael Jackson, anyone?) and the energy of that would get me going and I wouldn’t think twice about that double dose of Aleve I would taking every night. No pain, no gain, right?


I’ve been doing choreography since I was nine. That doesn’t give me credentials to teach a group fitness class. Some of the issue is that classes are being created by creative people who do not take safety into account. We are trusting them with our bodies and they have no idea. “Fun” is their objective not ACE or AFAA group fitness standards. I’m saying this because I know. I’m saying this because this is my experience. I’m not saying that to crush anybody’s “fun” or to “hate” on anyone because I LOVE me an innovative teacher.  However, these forty year old hips and back just can’t go along with the in crowd because it makes me look good on Instagram. I’m trying to stay healthy enough to work out with my great grandchildren.


I’m at the point in my life and career that functional is everything. There are certain classes I won’t take or teach, regardless of how popular they are, because they don’t make sense for the body. There are certain things I won’t teach in my yoga class because I always have beginners and it doesn’t make sense.  There are certain blocks I won’t do in Piloxing when I have certain people in class because of their knees. There will never be a time that I don’t offer modifications. At 40, I feel like my body is about to fall apart because of some of the physical choices I’ve made. I want to get better not worse all because I saw this thing on YouTube and just had to try it…..

Photo Nov 25, 9 56 26 AM

When you step into your next fitness venture, think about how it’s training your body for real life. If the experience just makes for a good picture and the risk for injury is higher than the chance of physical improvement, skip it. Work out to be strong for a lifetime, not just for a photo op.

UA Zumba Event 001

And if you’re the creative type (like me) and you are tempted to teach something just for crowd enjoyment, imagine what all of those people would look like on crutches and in wheelchairs.

Yeah.  We’ve got to do better.

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  1. Ivanna says:

    You the bomb my sister! Such a motivation.