#40IsLikeWhoa: Yolanda Cox

Does this look like a grandmother to you?

Photo Sep 11, 9 54 37 AM

There are just a few things that stick out to me about Yolanda from our years together in high school. We were not friends. I’m not even sure if we spoke to each other. However, we got a chance to talk at our 15th year class reunion (yeah, we are those people that get together every opportunity we can).

Photo Sep 10, 8 10 07 AM

I remember, very distinctly, Yolanda being at the picnic with her basket. She had BROUGHT her food. Well, being vegan and in the fitness industry, I knew she had to be on a mission. She told me she had lost thirty pounds and wanted to be healthy.

I just want you to know that Yoli Cox goes WAY BEYOND healthy with a picnic basket.

Photo Sep 10, 8 10 00 AM

A regional manager of a pharmaceutical company by day and a BEAST of a fitness instructor (Turbo Kick or Strike, anyone?) at night. She is also a triathlete, loves adventure races and yoga and makes all of it look easy.

Photo Sep 10, 8 10 03 AM

What I really love about Yolanda is her perseverance and her ability to make the best of things. I know she could have given up a long time ago but what character and a heart she’s developed by fighting! Her warmth and passion are contagious.

Photo Sep 10, 8 09 57 AM

I love you, girl! Thanks for making the 40’s look like the place to be! You are amazing! 

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