#40IsLikeWhoa: Jen Hendershott

I don’t even know how to start.

Jen Hendershott

I love this woman.

Not just the two time Ms. Fitness Olympia and the previous Ms. Fitness International,  not just the woman putting on the All Women’s Big Shott Classic next weekend, not just the woman who changed countless lives with her Phat Camp but the woman I can email right now and say, “Jen, the struggle is real. I just need to tell you something. I just need to get it off my chest so I can keep going.”


I love THAT Jen Hendershott.

I met Jen at a rough period in my life. I had been in the industry about four years and after a lot of overworking and self-neglect, I had started to gain weight and just really (if I can be totally honest) hated myself. I remember, very clearly, standing in my bathroom, crying my eyes out, thinking how badly I wanted to go meet this woman my friend Jennifer said could help me.

Jen Hendershott

What Jen did was help me help myself. And I needed that. Every time I saw Jen after that first time it would be preparation for moments that, literally, left me in pieces wondering if it was worth it to take my next breath. I’m not sure if I would have made it if she had not drilled in me that I was stronger than I thought, beautiful beyond this excess skin hanging off my body and if I wanted something no one was going to give it to me and I had to use my power and work my butt off. (If you know Jen, you know she didn’t say it like that. 😊)

Phat Camp

And when I told her, “I’ll never be able to do this. I’ll never be as good as so-in-so. I’ll never be this.” She looked me in the eye and said, “Says who?!?!?” Ask me about my my tattoo.

says who tattoo

Although Jen is retired from competing and enjoying life, she is STILL very much active and looking good. She is helping others, doing it as only she can, keeping it real and from the heart. And at 40 years plus, I bet she is somewhere right now popping those handstands, saying in that very distinctive voice, “Girl, what? Age is a mindset. You better do that……..” Well, she would have said something else. 🙂

Jen Hendershott

You are my rock star, Jen Hendershott! Thank you for being “more” and making it look GOOD! I love you!!!

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2 Responses to #40IsLikeWhoa: Jen Hendershott

  1. Irene says:

    I don’t Jen, but I love people like her. People who support you, who help you see that you are capable of amazing things. That’s the kind of person I am striving to be.