The #888Challenge and @Soybu Giveaway Winner 

I’ve had a great time the past two months, traveling and eating at every vegan restaurant I could find.


Giant big breakfasts and mimosas in Denver, vegan chicken and waffles in Memphis, burgers inn Atlanta and my personal, the buffet at the Wynn Hotel in Vegas where the chef did a “walk through” with me, told me all the things I could and then made me packages and vegan sausage and ravioli. It was on my other plate. Did I mention I went there two days in a row?

   So this simple bowl of cream of mushroom soup that I made here at home doesn’t look that fancy but it’s giving me life. I have got to get my body (and checkbook) back on track.

I gave myself a challenge for August and invited my clients to join me.

The #888Challenge (for the 8th month and, after it’s over, three fourths of the year will be gone) is:

  • 8 glasses of water a day (my admitted weakness)
  • 8 servings of fruit and vegetables a day (easy….now that I’m getting my schedule back but I need to STAY ON TRACK
  • 8 miles of cardio a week (I’m personally not including any classes that I teach. I need more.)

These seemingly small goals have set me up for the win. I have been in my kitchen non-stop for days. That never happens. 🙂 I’ve been to the Farmer’s Market, hit up every produce sale in town and gotten veggies from my neighbor friend who has a garden.

I’ve made squash:

I’ve had arugula for the first time this summer (I always buy it and it always goes bad before I eat it.)

And I’ve had okra and tomatoes:

  I’m going to juice with my cucumbers, chard and apples tomorrow and eat the fresh peas I got from the market since I’m all over the place with school starting this week (one finishing up elementary and one finishing high school this year!) and won’t have time to cook.


 My cardio has suffered and I need to catch up (haven’t done cardio since Saturday) but they go back to school Wednesday and I’ll be on someone’s stair climber in between.
My water is ok. I need to step it up though. I have two reusable water bottles all ready to go at all times. But this getting up to go to the bathroom though…..Can you say over it?

Could you use something to just help you stay conscious about getting on/back on track and staying there? Feel free to join us!  Tag me in your photos on Instagram, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know how you’re doing!

I know it’s hard but it’s WORTH IT! Let’s stick together and get better together!! 

The winner of the Soybu Peace Jacket (chosen by is Danielle! Congratulations! Please email me at to claim your jacket!

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One Response to The #888Challenge and @Soybu Giveaway Winner 

  1. Danielle says:

    I am so excited! I can’t wait to get it!