#40IsLikeWhoa: Kerry Sullivan

It takes a real warrior to go through the changes this woman had endured since I met her almost three years ago and come out looking like this.

IMG_6220Kerry and I met at a Piloxing Master Trainer retreat.  She was bubbly, fun and free spirited.  I’m not sure why I was so drawn to her but I was.  We haven’t seen each other since that weekend (in person) but I consider her my sister.  I love the way she does what she does.

IMG_6222In the short time I’ve known her, Kerry has endured quite a bit.  A new marriage, a huge move to another town, giving birth to a baby (in her 40’s and yes, she still looks like these pictures) and the loss of her mother could have made her quit.  Kerry’s a fighter; a gentle one.  She is not just a Master Trainer for Piloxing (and Piloxing Knockout) but she is a personal trainer, a former fitness competitor and I think I even saw her teaching some spin classes a couple of weeks ago.  Kerry is also a lover. She believes in people and invests the best in herself into those who look to her for guidance.   She gets stronger and more confident with every challenge.  Might I add she also gets extra points for having the most amazing shoulders and for not hanging up on me the times I’ve had to call her and just say, “Sister…..”

Kerry SullivanI salute you, Sister! You are the embodiment of mind, body and spirit wellness.  Thanks for teaching us that life just gets better in your 40’s. Love you!

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4 Responses to #40IsLikeWhoa: Kerry Sullivan

  1. Kerry says:

    I am so honored to be your Sister. Thank you for your heart felt words.

  2. Sabrina stroble says:

    This is Beautiful…. Only because I know it’s the TRUTH!

  3. HipHealthyChick says: