#40IsLikeWhoa: Michelle Donerson

If you’ve never been around these parts, her name may not be familiar to you. If you have been then this beauty, no doubt, makes you go WHOA every single time you see her or take one of her classes.

Michelle Donerson

I met Michelle over a decade ago shortly after I moved to Alabama and took a sales job at a local gym. She was absolutely gorgeous and quiet, that is, until she put that mic on. People were always enthusiastic about taking her kickboxing class. She was killing Body Pump too.

What Michelle represented to me was bigger than an awesome upper cut.

She represented what was possible. She was one of few African American fitness instructors at the gym and that I had seen anywhere. She was in her 30’s then. She, along with Angi and Linda, broke the stereotype of what I had basically seen for years. They looked like me. They opened the door for me. (and that’s actually Michelle’s very active and beautiful mom standing to my right and another one of our instructor friends who was on our team, J’Que.)

Photo Aug 28, 6 41 03 AM

In the past few years, Michelle has done a COMPLETE transformation. While balancing life as a single mom with a career, she walked away from her security to pursue her passion of fitness full time and created what is now Brick House Bodiez here in Madison. And, in the process, she has gotten stronger, leaner and more cut than ever while remaining humble and grateful. Her commitment to what she does is simply amazing.

Michelle Donerson

I love you, Sister! Thank you for keeping us inspired to keep going forward knowing that it can get better if we choose to be better! You are the BOMB!

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