#40IsLikeWhoa: Eileen Fuentes

I love this woman.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, probably know because it isn’t the first time I’ve talked about her.

When I contacted her and told her I wanted to feature her on my blog but people would have to know she was in the “40 club” (some of us are funny acting about that sort of thing), she said, “I have no problem broadcasting my age. Did I mention I almost died seven years ago?” She was actually at her oncologist appointment when I sent her a text, where she was given a clean bill of health. Thank God. This is so selfish but I can’t imagine life without her. My life is so much better because I met her.

Sorry. I’m having an ugly cry moment.

Eileen Fuentes is my Princess Warrior. Lots of people know her as a “breast cancer survivor.” She did more than that. MUCH more. She lived. She thrived. And she went back to educate and help others learn and thrive. Surviving wasn’t enough for her. And because I know she was going through more than cancer (and triple negative breast cancer at that) at the time, I know she could have quit.


Eileen is what I consider the epitome of holistic health and it has nothing to do with what she does for living or how many certifications she has (which are all relevant and health related) to her credit. Wife and mother of these three beautiful young ladies, Eileen lives her life with a sense of well-roundedness (is that a word?) that I rarely see nowadays. She doesn’t consider herself perfect, she is who she is, she doesn’t compromise her principles and she invests in what makes her life more full.

Did I mention she just stepped up her workout game and lost over 20 pounds? 

When I heard her speak for the first time at an IIN conference, I knew I had to meet her. I, literally, stalked her. (Friendly stalked but true story.) I remember writing her a message because I just wanted her to know how she had  touched me. We have been sisters ever since. When people ask me who I admire, Eileen Fuentes is always on my list. Not because of what you see (she’s everywhere) but because of what I know. Healthy is more than just push-ups.


Eileen tells her own story best and you can read about her on her blog. I would also follow her on social media (@eileenzfuentes on Instagram and Twitter) because she does some pretty cool things (guess who she was hanging with last night?) and shares awesome information. I actually got to watch her on Periscope with her children while they picked up their fresh vegetables from the local farm.

My Princess Warrior is showing me how life just gets better in the 40’s! Hi-Five, Sister! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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