#40IsLikeWhoa: Cynthia Florence

You may have never seen this face and/or may have never even heard of her name but I have and I’m so blessed because of it.

Cynthia Florence

This right here is my “quiet storm,” my inspiration from a far, Ms. Cynthia Florence. A senior software engineer by job title and full fledged health, wellness and fitness beast by passion and heart. Cynthia owns Pure Energy Fitness in Marietta, GA. We met in Atlanta a little over two years ago when she stopped by the Piloxing table at the SCW Mania in Atlanta to chat with me a little bit about the class. I’ve been attached to her ever since.

Pure Energy Fitness

What I respect and love about Cynthia isn’t just what she does but how she does it. I had a chance to go and do a class at her studio last year and I was so inspired by the way she challenges and feeds into the people she serves. You can tell they feel welcomed, dedicated and supported. It was probably the first time I ever considered owning my studio. She made me feel like it was possible.  She made me feel like it was worth it. I saw the commitment Cynthia had beyond just racking up certifications (and she has quite a few) and making herself look good. Her story speaks for itself.  

Cynthia Florence

Cynthia can lead with compassion because she’s been there. And can I say for someone who joked with me about how I caught her at a good time to profile her because 50 is right around the corner 🙂 , she looks absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! And not only does she look fantastic, she is intelligent, business savvy, invested in what she does and focused.  Did I also mention she gets extra points in my book for keeping me in the know of all the hot vegan spots in the ATL when I come through that way?  The plant powered sisterhood is strong!

Cynthia FlorenceKudos to you, Love, for showing us that life just gets better in the 40’s! You are one of my sheros and I love, love, love you! Keeping doing your thing, Mama! You rock!

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2 Responses to #40IsLikeWhoa: Cynthia Florence

  1. Brenda Marshall says:

    Cynthia is fabulous!!! Still by far the best Zumba instructer I’ve ever had amongst all her other accomplishments. Even if you see her outside of the gym she still shows the same love. Truly a pleasure knowing her and she’s a fitness beast. I believe God’s challenge in this life is to find your calling, she’s blessed because I believe she’s found hers.