So……I Have A Goal

This little boy saved my life.

 Wanting to be around for him, knowing I couldn’t save his life if it were in danger forced me to get myself together.

He’ll be 18 in 16 weeks. When did I get old enough to have a grown child?!?!?!?

But let me go ahead and tell you, it’s forcing me to grow up, in more ways than one.

It’s easy to become complacent. On a daily basis, people think I am my son’s sister instead of his mom. I have an incredible amount of endurance. I haven’t been over two hundred pounds in close to twelve years, my diet is decent. I can do a push up or two on my toes and, on a good day, a pull up. I’m just not satisfied. There is space for me to do more.


“This one step-choosing a goal and sticking to it-changes everything.”

~Scott Reed~

I have a goal. I have sixteen weeks to get there. It’s a BIG step for me to even say out loud that I have a goal because, true story, I have trust issues. I’ve found it difficult to trust people with my dreams and vision because of what it has cost me to do so. It has also cost me the benefit of having solid accountability. It’s complex. My life is complex. I do like complex carbs though so that makes it all good, right?

Do you have a goal? 

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2 Responses to So……I Have A Goal

  1. Sunny says:

    Wishing you luck (not that I think you need it) on your goal. I believe you will knock it out of the park!! 🙂