Investing In Myself: A Grokker Review

Five weeks. Five trips. Four different time zones. I had the time of my life but I’m paying for it. I’m exhausted, feeling partially brain dead, off my schedule, lacking nutrients I’m sure, sleep deprived, overstimulated and sore.

I totally got to meet Bob Harper though (who told me to tell you all to STOP EATING SO MUCH SUGAR) so it’s not a total loss. 🙂 But when I get done working, I want to get out of the gym as fast as I can, throw my phone in a corner and go into my house and into myself. I need self care and some reboot time. In comes Grokker.

Grokker, a one stop wellness video network service, was kind enough to give me a one year complimentary premium membership. Founded by Lorna Borenstein (who created this after being frustrated about not being able to find quality yoga tutorials on the web while on vacation. Necessity will make you create something fantastic, won’t it?), Grokker doesn’t just offer yoga videos (a bunch of them, I might add) but they offer fitness and cooking videos too. I need ALL of those because, at this point, I may never leave my house again but I still have to work out. 🙂

I logged in for the first time at the gym (on my phone. Yes, there is an app!) one morning right before I stared traveling and got sucked in immediately. Grokker asked me what did I like (at this point in my life, give me more yin and restorative yoga, less bouncing on my head, a little more time efficient core work and not a kill me type boot camp, more quick vegan side dishes, less thirty course meals) and started to create a stream of content based on my preferences. This is good for my body (tight hamstrings), good for my teaching (always need new ideas) and good for my lack of cooking skills (that seasoned cauliflower dish was everything). I watched videos in the airport as I was traveling and kept the emails sent to me recommending videos based on my preferences.
The videos range in length. I’ve done a seven minute one and there are some that are an hour long. The quality of the video and the instruction are great. And the choices….goodness.

As a trainer and instructor,  I often times find my gym time interrupted by people wanting to say hello (and me wanting to say hello back) and ask questions (and me wanting to answer them). As a yoga instructor, sometimes I just want to be instructed. As a person on the go, I need to have new food ideas because I get into a rut real quick by eating the same thing ALL of the time. Grokker has been helpful in all of these areas and I am so looking forward to going home and finding a great yoga video today. 🙂

If you are in a rut or just really need some home backup, Grokker is the place to be. There is a free trial for you to try it out but I know you’ll love it and stay and then you can tell me what your favorite classes are. Wellness is now at our fingertips everywhere we go and not nearly as expensive as it once was. It’s an amazing thing.  Being healthy is amazing. Grokker makes being amazing easier.

Let me know when you join the site so I can follow you!

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary membership in exchange for this post however, like always, all opinions are true and my own. 

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4 Responses to Investing In Myself: A Grokker Review

  1. Mischella Anthony says:

    Thanks so much for sharing,
    I’m so exhausted trying to find something to help me with weight loss, eating better, exercising, the kist goes on and on, I’m praying I’ve found it.

  2. ZZ says:

    Thanks for the review. I’m going to check them out!