Comfy, Cute and Inclusive: A Soybu Review and Giveaway 

“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.”~Deion Sanders~

Soybu Strength Balance BeautyIn this case, “they” would have to be those little voices in my head.  I found out a LONG time ago that if I dressed well going to the gym, not only did I feel better temporarily but it became an investment into whether I was going 1) work out well that day and 2) feel so good that I was going to come back again.  It paid off well.  🙂  People often make comments about how much time I must spend coordinating my clothes to come to the gym. It doesn’t take much time at all.  I just care so when I choose clothes I choose clothes that look good, that look good on me and would go with anything. And THAT’S why I love Soybu

I was first introduced to Soybu clothing when I attended my first FitBloggin conference last year in Savannah. Kia Ruiz, one of the presenters then and one of my favorite people now, was an ambassador for them and gave us some Soybu headbands after yoga. I’d see more and more of them but not much.  And then one day something came across my timeline that blew my head off and it made me start to REALLY pay attention.

Soybu introduced a plus sized line.

That’s important to me.

Photo May 07, 12 18 54 PMI can CERTAINLY remember not wearing any cute workout clothes back in the day when I was trying to change my life.  I have trained a number of plus sized women who have definitely voiced their opinions about the fitness industry having no regards for people who are ON the journey.  Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good doing it.  And what is plus size is your final destination? Inclusiveness is a big deal.

That started my love affair with Soybu.

When attending FitBloggin again this year, this time in Denver, Soybu was there and I got to see several pieces of their clothing line (all sizes) up close and personal as we had a fashion show that was just way cute.

Soybu FitBloggin

FitBloggin SoybuSoybu was also generous enough to give all of the speakers at FitBloggin a pair of pants.  Can I just say, “WHOA!!!” I was moved by their generosity and overwhelmed by the material on these pants.  I didn’t want to take them off.  Seriously.


After hearing a little bit more about Soybu (they have been creating apparel since 1998 with a vision to empower women in their active, busy, every day lives so they will look and FEEL feminine, comfortable and stylish. Their goal is to create long lasting apparel that is friendly to the environment.  Pretty cool, right?), I was more than thrilled when we were able to connect and they asked if I’d like to do a review from their new line of items.

I chose:

Soybu GiveawayThe “Strength, Balance, Beauty” shirt. This shirt is so airy, light and comfortable.  It is not an off the shoulder shirt but I got mine big because I like to wear it that way and layer. 🙂 It fits very loose. The back is SUPER cute. I taught yoga in it and then went out and did my every day thing.  I love clothes that are versatile like that.  From the studio to the streets….

Soy Peace JacketThe Peace Jacket.  This is my new jam right here.  I LOVE the design on the back and again, studio to the streets. I can wear it to class or the gym (I’m ALWAYS cold) and then I can put it on with some jeans and boots (I’m looking ahead towards fall) and go out. It (like all of my Soybu clothes) holds up well in the washer and it has a flattering fit unlike those big hoodies lots of us like to wear when we are headed to go lift.  I know they are comfy but so is this so why not look more stylish if they feel the same? 🙂

Soybu Toni LegginsThe Toni Leggins. And the reason I have these random pictures of me jumping all over the place is because they MOVE with you.  They are so comfortable and soft and breathable and these pants have a pocket on the side (I’ve never had workout pants with pockets on the side).  Another BIG plus to Soybu pants (and the gray ones in the above pictures are Soybu as well) is that they make your curves look AMAZING.  There is something about these pants that just hug you in all the right places. THAT is worth celebrating. 🙂

Soybu is so generous that they are giving you the opportunity to win my favorite piece of the three.  And I have had the HARDEST time deciding!!!  I think in the spirit of feeling feminine, comfortable and stylish EVERYWHERE, I’m choosing the PEACE JACKET!!

Soybu Peace Jacket

To enter, sign up for the Soybu newsletter here (AND you receive a coupon code in exchange for doing so. Now you can buy the pants and the shirt!) and leave a comment on the blog letting me know you did so.  Also, for additional entries, you can follow Soybu on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and InstagramPLEASE LEAVE AN ADDITIONAL COMMENT FOR EACH ACTION YOU TAKE. The winner will be verified before announced.  Entries will close Sunday, August 2nd at 11:59 P.M. Winner will be announced on Monday, August 3, 2015.

Good luck, Everyone!  Now dress up and go to the gym!!!!!

Disclaimer: I was sent clothing by Soybu in exchange for this review.  However, as always, all opinions and statements are true and are my own.


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